View Full Version : Morale issue in KB AP:CS

10-03-2010, 01:02 AM

I have just noticed that when adding black knights into my army, morale of inquisitors and paladins drop. When it even says that in the morale description. Here is the screenshot:

http://imgur.com/4B470l.jpg (http://imgur.com/4B470.jpg)
[click for larger]

Also, in my previous game, voice of the dragon didn't give any morale boost to dragons.

Also, in the mage tower on the beginning in Darion, "do you have any work for me..." dialog opens "the shop" and "may I see what you have to offer" gives me quests or ends them. Version of the game (AP original) is 1.7 + crossworlds addon.

Also, make mages start with higher concentration on level 1, otherwise, until mid game they are just nothing, neither mages, neither warriors. Of course it is playable, but level 10 warrior can do same things as level 10 mage (it's not like you are going to have mana or need for anything then buffs/debufs) :evil: (at least, add it for easy and normal games)

ALSO, I find that level 5 warrior with one (ONE as in 1 point) intelect ALWAYS put's my troops on fire when casting fire arrow. I also think it's wrong for them to have 50+ mana.

in crossworlds, Orcs (even without a hero) start with adrenaline on MAX and on level 3! Players need to take and rank up skills for that. Not fair! Not fun, at least on Normal difficulty. Vet. Orcs are just overpowered this way. Learning skills to make them like that - ok. But stray random Orcs - Seriously?! :confused:

and one more thing. I saw my Sea Dogs go "Nimble" ONCE in like 10+ fights, in each of those fights, enemy Sea Dogs and Pirates "nimble" every third time they are attacked. Is this a bug or just another masochistic annoyance from developers? :evil:

anyway, sorry for random rant, bugs were listed first, rants are optional :)

edit: there is no bug, I am an idiot. I kept replacing Royal Griffins with BKs, I just remembered that RG give +1 morale to humans. Other bugs are "valid" still thou :D