View Full Version : Activation on Steam

07-12-2014, 07:01 PM

I just bought the "King's Bounty Collection - Gold Edition" containing Armored Princess and Crossworlds at a retail store (Media Markt in Germany).
Since I almost exclusively activate and play my games on Steam, I wanted to add them to my Steam library. But there were no CD Keys at all in the package!

My laptop does not have any kind of optical drive since it's usually not necessary anymore these days (as you can just enter a games serial number on steam and you're ready to go).

I tried to install Armored Princess from my gf's laptop via windows file share, which worked well. But when I try to start it, it asks to insert the original DVD into my (nonexistent) DVD drive :/

Can anyone assist me in activating the game(s) on Steam?
Thanks in advance