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05-11-2011, 12:10 AM
Before you ask, yes I have searched the board for over 3 hours and have found nothing similar or remotely useful to correct assist with these issues.

I do not know if I am making this harder than it actually is. :confused:

1) Just bought from Walmart in US, loading screen gives version/build as 1.3.1/build 6171. Disc has the following companies listed on the front:

1C - Developer
Katuari - Developer
Blink Video
Ngina? (bit small to read)
THQ - Publisher/Distributor
ValueSoft is listed for Tech Support - but they have absolutely nothing other than "Go to the Official Site"

The only patches I can locate are patches for the 1C version of The Legend or Crossworlds (see below).

I was playing on Normal, currently most mobs are at "lethal" or "Invincible" and I cannot progress any further. I have been fighting lvl 11 - 15 mobs for the past 3 levels and now I am a lvl 11 Paladin with nowhere else to go. I was wondering if there is a patch that will realign the NPCs levels according to the PC and their lvl.

This is why I am searching for a patch for KBAP.

2) I had the Crossworlds patch installed but I was caught off guard by the requirement of an Authentication Key, since those keys are usually 15 -27 digits long, I went looking for one. Nothing in the case (I only had the disc in the case no book) and I also looked in the pdf manual that is installed with the game. Absolutely nothing of that size. So I had to uninstall, loose my current game and reinstall.

Is the "P/N" listed on the disc your version of an Authentication Key?? It is only 6 digits long.

I sent an email to customer/tech support and have heard nothing back -- not even a canned response--- 'Yes we received your email and are working on it" E-mail used support@1cpublishing.eu

FYI - I run a Vista box, 2 gig memory (90% services shut down) all sound/video/updates & drivers are updated. I am have no problems with the hardware aspect of the game.

Any constructive help is appreciated.

Thank you