View Full Version : Men of War / IL-2 Crossover

10-04-2011, 11:23 AM
I enjoy both "IL-2 (1946 UP3/DBW, DCG)" and "Men of War (no mods so far)" immensely, but i really am missing the other game when i play one of them.

In "Men of War" I miss a fierce air battle being fought over my head that influences the battlefield with unpredictable attacks, bombing runs that actually have to be planed before the mission, bombs that are jettisoned over friendly lines due to enemy interceptors attacking the bombers...

While in "IL-2" I am missing a real ground war that is fought below me and can be influenced form the air. Dive bombing enemy defense strongpoints is way more gratifying than killing that same convoy again that is driving down the road.

Those two games in combination with a dynamic campaign multi player, roughly along the lines of DCG, would be an endless amount of fun.

I know it's probably unrealistic to see a Strategy - Flight Sim game in the near future but I'd like to throw the idea out there and see if anyone else actually thinks this would be a good thing.