View Full Version : Why are robbers so tough!

11-19-2011, 12:05 PM
I was ambushed by some robbers which I though i could easily dispatch .. Until I found out the robbers had a large army to back them up ! :confused:

Obivously I'm not allowed to gain coin from robbers ?


11-19-2011, 10:38 PM
I also ask this, I'm at the 3rd robber mission at the bridge and there is no way that my 3 companies can defeat half a full army. Even with a bridge advantage. Unless there's a way to take my garrison with me or gather more armies this is way unbalanced.

11-19-2011, 11:52 PM
You are not forced to start your next main quest mission straight away.

11-20-2011, 09:59 AM
You are not forced to start your next main quest mission straight away.

Yep, it took me a while to realise that! The quest seems to have a sense of urgency, but really you need to leave the quest and roam off and build up some xp and units before attempting it!!!



11-21-2011, 01:30 AM
"You are not forced to start your next main quest mission straight away."

This helps, because I got the feeling that I needed to immediately begin the next assignment. It plainly states do this immediately. Thanks for stating this though will be a great help.

11-22-2011, 12:41 AM
I'm getting nowhere fast! :(

I can join the order and gain some tax but that's about it!

I cannot get more troops or hire mercenaries!

HELP!!! :confused:


11-22-2011, 07:17 AM
You just have to pick your battles at the very beginning. I had to wait a while for the bandit armies to get smaller from fighting other nations armies then I started to extort them for gold if they passed through my lands. It took a while but you just have to keep fighting the smaller armies (weak, very weak, or insignificant) and build your xp and gold up.

11-22-2011, 09:49 AM
The economy in the RW2 is reflection of economy in the real world... sigh ;-)...
the more money you have, the more money you can earn..

Taken this into account you should carefully choose your battles, and maybe at the beginning focus on trade, to build up substantial amount of cash.. because easily you could achieve Pyrrhic victory, after which you couldn't replenish your forces.. (like our friend He111).
This is especially due with Knight units (Pikemen are not cheap at the beginning also! ;-) ), because dozen knight warriors could cost you few thousands...
it forces to keep an eye for Knights in battle, and even using them only to chase routing troops, and not engage into fight in minor battles...

11-22-2011, 03:10 PM
the more money you have, the more money you can earn..

Sadly true (in the real world)

11-22-2011, 09:43 PM
Ah! trade ..so i'm suppose to buy low, sell high, at different towns .. i'll give it a go.


11-23-2011, 12:12 PM
ok, i'm getting the hang of this now .. and loving it! :grin: although town names don't match quests!?


11-23-2011, 12:56 PM
Are you sure? Please report any inconsistencies between quest texts and actual names if you spot any.

11-24-2011, 12:11 AM
One of the missions was to stop robbers attacking the village of Gombin? Where the hell is Gombin, I can see "Gabin" near Torn


11-24-2011, 08:49 AM
Thanks, we'll pass this to the developers.

Goblin Wizard
11-24-2011, 08:53 AM
Very first robbers quest: "Find and eliminate a gang of robbers around the villages of Schokken and Schlochau". No such villages are on the map. I guess it's about villages "Skoki" and "Chluchow".

11-24-2011, 08:55 AM
Thanks, will pass this as well.