View Full Version : Electronic Arts and 1C Company signed a distribution agreement.

09-18-2008, 12:27 PM
Electronic Arts and 1C Company announce an agreement to create new channel for distribution of EA games. According to the contract signed 1C receives the rights to distribute EA titles for PC and consoles in Russia and CIS countries. The collaboration of these two companies is firstly aimed to consolidate and advance the largest markets (after Russia) – Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 1C Company already has offices in the region and has leading market share in these countries.
Another important stage in the cooperation of Electronic Arts and 1C Company is the distribution of EA games for PC in economy jewel packs in Russia. For the first time ever part of new games released by world's leading publisher will be distributed in economy packs (CD jewel case). Electronic Arts plans to release three new jewel packed games for PC - Crysis Warhead, C&C Red Alert 3, NHL 09. These games will be released in autumn 2008.