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10-04-2008, 06:19 PM
I am about 6th level and loving the game.

As a Mage, I rely heavily on my Fireball and the Magic Pole Axe spell. I was going to go necromancer, but I am not able to recruit many necromantic troops and with archers, priests and archmages I am able to do a lot of damage while I wait for the rage to unleash "Evil shoals". All in all, I'd say combat is really a treat. (Although I could see how the AI could be tweaked to know if I have AOE spells to TRY to scatter some times).

In any case, here are my questions about items:

I have a magic pair of shoes that give me bonuses against robbers and poison. The morale of this item became very low and now I can "Surpress" it.

1. Why would I Want to supress the item? it does not upgrade and I think it's giving me the same bonus.

2. Items some times have a race, such as Human or Elves. Does this mean I should KILL that race mostly? I wasn't sure if that meant that a morale bonuses is given to that race if you have this item equipped or I Should seek them out and destroy them.

I enjoy the "RP" aspect of the game, so because I am doing good things, I do kind of want Druids and, Priests Archmages and that sort of thing. I notice the background color of the units is the same (All blue for one, Green for Druid and brown for Dwarf, so I tend to think of units as part of the same family if they share the color and therefore try to keep that type together).

3. Do you get a morale bonus for having synergy of units present (all from the same color family)? I would think so, but so far all I've managed is to accidentally get my bowman a positive morale (not sure how I did). Even though I had gaurds, priests and archmage with blue background also.

4. Should I not equip an item like those shoes that give a bonus to robbers if I don't have any robbers in my army, is that why it's morale got so low?

5. This really has nothing to do with items, but does the game give you a different physical form based on the races you use at a certain point/over time? In the main screen there is a section of high scores and there are dwarven, demon and elven heroes and the stats seem to correlate to a family of unit types they used.

10-04-2008, 06:37 PM
1) When item morale reach 0, you don't receive any effect from the item.

2) Its the race that is favorable to the item. For detailed info on what increase/decrease the morale of a particular item, right click the item and read the info on it. It will describe what the item like and don't like in abstract form.

3) There is a icon on the top right on the unit info that will tell you what race the unit is from. If you fill up all with the same race, they get +1 morale except for humans and neutrals i think.

4) See 2)

5) Nope it will always be the same.