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10-17-2008, 07:24 PM
I'm starting a quest walkthrough for all quests, it should take me some time and i would like to know if there is already a list somewhere.
All possible outcomes of a quest i also want to explore, what would you get if you kill the one instead off the other..

Here's how i started:
[1] Final Trails
Who: Iron Richard

[1a] Option >No, Reward: Training Sword (take from chest).
[1b] Option >Yes:

Reward: Training Sword (take from chest).
The first Trail: Get Princess dummy, use dummy to inscribe your name (increase winning points ?).
Rewards in map: Random (gold, gems, leadership, scroll)

Reward: 2 Scrolls (Haste, Flaming Arrow, random?)
The second Trail: Get Take the Book of Death, use book. Reward: (scroll Weakness, random?),
Rewards in map: Random (gold, leadership)

The third Trail: Get artifact, use artifact for 100 gold.
Rewards in map: Random (artifacts (random or some are not random?, gems) by digging.
Option >Return money
[1b1] Return all, Reward: 500 gold
[1b2] Return half, Reward: ...
[1b3] Return none, Reward: ...

This concludes my Final Trails walkthrough, more options to come.
Will be more specific in the complete quest walkthrough..
Here's the next quest:

[2] Recover the Plugens
Who : King Mark

To be continued ...