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07-07-2009, 01:32 AM
That's right, we have both closed and open pit leagues!

Congratulations to the fantastic team from Croatia, CRO_Squadron! This team shattered all past records by completing the regular season AND the playoff season without losing a solitary point. An unbelievable 38 rounds fought and 0 losses. Truly a huge achievement.

They are now listed with their own Champion page sponsored by Ballistix High Performance Memory & Crucial.com, AND will also have their team inducted into the IL-2 Hall Of Fame.

Visit their Champion web page HERE (http://www.uslchampions.com)
Visit the pilot and squad Hall Of Fame HERE (http://www.uslglobal.com/hof) (you might be in it) You don't have to be a USL member to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame!

Considering registering your team for the next season? Maybe you are looking to join a top ranked team? Stop by the USL and have a look around.

07-07-2009, 11:11 AM
Recently a russian il2 user posted a link on the ToW CLub webpage (20,000 member community forum) for a il2 utility that enables users to have a seperate screen that shows the positions of all aircraft in a server, thier type , thier altitude and vector etc. It also labels them according to threat value. It basically gives you a well annotated radar screen .Obviously it works in both closed and open pit scenarios.
The poster provided the fact that it bypasses CRT=2

We eliminated the link and banned the user once we traced the post back the country and service provider. I will provide the information to 1C at thier request. Perhaps they can deal with him.

I hope this warning of HACKERS does not violate the EULA for this forum. Please accept my apologies and acceptance of removing this note if it does violate the aforementioned EULA

Good luck with future honest competitions.