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zhoudaohan 01-21-2019 02:24 PM

Huntiro's Integration Mod (version Third Quarter released)
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Huntiro's Mod for King's Bounty Crossworlds v1.31

You can play nearly all the new units from Warriors of the North and Dark Side in Crossworlds with this mod. Tons of improvements and fixes are also included.

Extract "Huntiro's Mod part1(20200910).zip" and "Huntiro's Mod part2(version Third Quarter r6 hotfix).zip" to the game folder.

Now you should be able to select the modified campaign named "Orcs on the March (Huntiro's Mod version Third Quarter)" in the main menu. (Thanks to raknefne)


version Third Quarter r6 hotfix -20210304

1.Tweaked the bonus of pet dragon:
the red one: replaced the starting ability "Dragon Dive" with "Ball of Lightning".
the bronze one: the resistance bonus is increased and only affects armored troops now.
2.~8% less health of all the bosses in Impossible difficulty.
3.The skill "Prayer" has no effect on demons and the undead now. Chance of allies to espace a critical hit was fixed.
4.When the quest "Barbarian hall of flame" is finished, Yavik will refresh his stock with new units and items.
5.Reverted the default duration of burning effect to 3.
6.Tweaked the starting gold and size of scroll slot of the hero.
7.Optimized the merchants' stock in early game.
8.Baal now deals physical and fire damage.
9.Fixed the set bonus of "Assassin Set".
10.Fixed a bug the spell "Time Reset" cannot be casted.
11.Fixed the item "Gloves of Death".

version Third Quarter r5 -20210228

1.Assassins' talent "Shadow Cloak" is disable in the day. When in stealth, Assassins' critical hit has an extremely low chance of instantly killing the target.
2.The spell "Target" no longer affects eyeless creatures.
3.Changed several items.
"Cloak of Shadows": (-)no more attack reduction in the day.(+)allied Assassins no longer break stealth when they attack or use a talent.
"Dragon Toy": (-)removed the damage bonus.(+)pet dragon's offensive abilities have a chance of critical hit.
"Chieftain's Belt": (reworked)reduces the attack of enemy robbers, pirates and Vikings of level 1-3 by 20%. It may be usefull in the early game.
"Straw Hat": (+)allied Peasants will be less likely targeted if the enemies can attack other troops. It works properly now.
"Shark's Tooth": (+)+1 Physical Damage to allied Devilfish.
"Staff of Insanity": (+)+30% power of the spell "Berserker".
"Madman Set": (+)one random enemy troop who is not immune to mind effects goes insane at the beginning of battle.
"Woolen Dress": (-)50% less chance of receiving the "Freeze" effect, instead of freeze immunity.
"Ice Dragon Amulet": (-)the super "Freeze" effect only works in snowy terrain now.
"Princess Set": (-)halved the bonus.
"Set of the Virgin": (-)reduced the bonus.
4.Removed the leadership requirement of Winged Shadows' talent "Embrace of Death". Fixed Winged Shadows' AI.

version Third Quarter r4 -20210226

1.Further tweaked the reward from pet dragon's chests, vanilla vs modified:
——chance of runes: 5%->3%
——c̶h̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶s̶c̶r̶o̶l̶l̶s̶:̶ ̶1̶5̶%̶-̶>̶1̶2̶%̶ reverted
——chance of large amount of gold: 43%->34%
2.Reworked "Alchemist's Toolkit" and "Burning Cloak".
3.Nerfed Succubi. Succubi won't possess the "Statue of Jealousy" talent unless you equip "Dress of the Black Widow".
4.Tweaked more items.

version Third Quarter r3 hotfix -20210224

1.The duration of burning effect is doubled and all troops cannot be frozen if the battle takes place in volcanic terrain.
2.The item Eye of the Storm now has no effect when battle takes place underground.
3.Optimized the merchants' stock in late game.
4.Reworked certain items. For example, "Whip of Pain" can be upgraded from "Uldara's Whip" which is the trophy of enemy hero Uldara. So this change slightly reduced the randomness.

version Third Quarter r2 hotfix -20210222

1.Healing power of most spells and talents will be cut in half if the battle takes place in cemeteries.
2̶.̶2̶0̶%̶ ̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶g̶o̶l̶d̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶b̶a̶t̶t̶l̶e̶.̶ reverted
3.Fixed a bug that Magma Elementals and Fire Elementals cannot resurrect themselves in volcanic terrain.
4.Corrected more typos.

version Third Quarter r1 -20210220

1.Partly Reworked Pirate Ghosts.
2.New ability for Pirates: "Thirst for Treasure".
3.The earth shield of elves has more hit point.
4.The spell "Sacrifice" cannot target plants or elemental creatures any longer.
5.Tweaked Ice Dragons' ability "Snowy Ground" and Fauns' ability "Spirit of the Wood".
6.Tweaked the ai of Ancient Ents.
7.Slightly nerfed Magma Elementals and Fungus Thorns.
8.Fixed some small bugs.

version Bitter Moon stable r4 -20210204

1.Reworked and nerfed skill "Holy Anger".
2.Fixed a bug that the Crossbow was missing when you returned to Master Neotar.

version Bitter Moon stable r3 -20210129

1.Fauns' talent "Forest Magic" was fixed.
2.Druids' talent "Nature's Vitality" now has 2 charges, but the healing power of each charge is halved.
3.Slightly buffed Demon Eyes, the chance of making a burning troop insane is doubled.
4.Green Dragons now only one hit summoned troops in normal attack.
5.The quest "Defeat the giant frog" was fixed.
6.A few more shops may sell Vikings.

version Bitter Moon stable r2 -20201120

1."Officer's Patent" no longer needs to be equipped in order to collect trophies. It is now a quest item only.
2.When a unit can be trained into different units, the calculation of trophies requirement was bugged. It was fixed.
3.Restored the quest "The Giant Spider". You need to return to Hartog after the spider's death.
4.The item "Frog Leg" now is an exclusive trophy of the boss Dersu-Kumatu.
5.The spell "Resurrection" will be added to Father Maximus' stock when you complete his quest "The Fallen Paladin".
6.Nerfed the item "Shark's Tooth".
7.Corrected some typos.

version Bitter Moon stable -20201019

1.New unit: Fungus Thorn (inspired by Monsteras from Red Sands mod).
2.New ability for Cave Spiders: "Fate Spinner".
3.New talent for Foremen: "You Shall not Pass"(steal from Red Sands mod).
4.The talent "Lucky Strike" was moved from Pirate Ghosts to Robbers.
5.The talent "Forest Magic" can target corpses.
6.Buffed Druids' talent "Nature's Vitality".
7.The spell "Sacrifice" is no longer bugged when any of your troop is protected by "Magic Shield".
8.Fixed item "Ring of Power".
9.Fixed a bug that enemies were able to retaliate when the ability "Frightening" is triggered.
10.Phantom troops created by spell deal less damage and lose some abilities like "Runic Knowledge" now.
11.Fixed Ancient Ents' talent "Forest Shelter".

version Bitter Moon beta1 -20201009

1.Item "Ribbon of Blood" now allows you to restore the size of a troop with the units from the reserve. More "no loss" strategies please.
2.New ability for Goblin Scouts: "Mobile". Hit and run!
3.New ability for Devilfish: "Water Bubble".
4.Reworked Peasants' ability "Taxpayer".
5.Buffed Dwarf Warriors' ability "Dwarven Armor".
6.New ability for some lizardmen: "Swampwalk".
7.Nerfed Ice Dragons' ability "Snowy Ground".
8.Increased the damage of all neutral statues/altars on the battlefield in the early game. I believe "Mass Ents" is an interesting choice in the first 2 islands.
9.Tweaked the gold income. You will get more gold (about 1.6*~1.8*) in the early game but less (about 0.6*~0.7*) in the late game.
10.Ice/Fire creatures are totally immune to cold/fire damage(suffer only 1 point of damage).
11.The spell "Chaos Missile" now deals correct damage.
12.Fixed the Adrenaline cost of specific talents.
13.Other small changes.

version Dark Moon stable -20200920

1.New spell: "Chaos Missile".
2.Fixed and buffed Metamorph's talent "Transformation". This unit is extremely buggy in KB-Dark Side but I think it is moderately playable now.

version Dark Moon beta6 -20200919

1.Tweaked a few units' AI.
2.Some talents can target bosses.
3.Fixed a game freezing bug: specific units(AI) tried to use their talents.

version Dark Moon beta5 -20200918

1.Gorguana Ghosts(AI) are able to cast "Death Illusion". Beware of this dangerous enemy.
2.Demonologists(AI) are able to cast "Thread of Life". The AI is missing in vanilla KB-Crossworlds.
3.Royal Griffins(AI) cast "Sky Guard" smarter.
4.Fixed a bug that new ability "Water Veil" is broken.
5.Fixed a bug that "Death Illusion" deals wrong damage.

version Dark Moon beta4 -20200917

1.New ability for most lizardmen(including K'Tahu): "Primeval Blood".
2.Fixed a bug that on specific terrian some bonuses can't be applied correctly.
3.Slightly tweaked enemy armies.

version Dark Moon beta3 -20200915

1.New ability for most of the elves: "Gift of Nature".
2.New ability for Lake Fairies: "Water Veil".
3.All undead units lose 50% defense in daylight.
4.If Ents or Ancient Ents are targeted by a Hornet's Nest, they will reload/recharge their talent "Swarm" instead of getting hit.
5.Elf Rangers and Elf Hunters lose the "No Melee Penalty" ability.
6.Slightly buffed Jarls.
7.AI tweaked: different stacks of Black Knights and Necrohs no longer use their talent on the same target.

version Dark Moon beta2 -20200912

1.Finished the rune system for units with "Runic Knowledge".
2.Fixed a bug that Bowmen, Slingers, Imps and Goblins with Catapults can still use their talents as usual when they are terrified.
3.Units who fall into a state of "Berserker" can not be terrified any more.
4.All droids no longer start the battle in a "Drunken" effect.
5.Fixed the animation of Gorguana Ghosts' talent "Death Illusion".
6.Updated the animation of Pegasus Maidens' talent "Spear of Wrath".
7.Fixed a bug that Axe Throwers' talent "Tandem Throw" costs no runes.
8.Fixed a game freezing bug when wolves trying to target the same troop that allied white wolves recently attacked.

version Dark Moon beta1 -20200910

1.Reworked Gorguana Ghosts' talent "Death Illusion".
2.Replaced Soothsayers' talent "Arcane Healing" with "Runic Reinforcements".
3.Reworked White Wolves ability "Alpha".
4.New ability for Undead Spiders: "Death Spinner".
5.Partly finished the rune system for units with "Runic Knowledge".
6.Slightly buffed Cyclops' talent "Push".

version Full Moon Hotfix1 -20200903

1.Fixed a crash when updating particular items.
2.Bug fixed: Trolls' ability "Malevolent" can't be triggered when any ally dies.

version Full Moon -20200616

1.New unit: Demon Eye.
2.(class)Paladin sells items and scrolls at a higher price.(items:25%->50%,scrolls:20%->40%)
3.Replaced Necromancers' talent "Magic Lock" with "Dark Cloud".
4.Reworked Black Knights' talent "Death Grasp".
5.Reworked Archmages' talent "Fighting Trance".
6.Reworked effect "Confusion".
7.Reworked Archdemons' talent "Fire Rain".
8.New ability for Repair Droids: "Ranged Retaliation".
9.Tweaked spell "Target". Now the duration of the spell is reduced by 1 whenever the target receives damage.
10.Corrected some translations.
11.More bug fixes.

version Christmas Moon -20191225

1.New spell: "Vampirism". We have one more way to resurrect units and I think it may make our builds more diverse.
2.New abilities: "Hornet's Nest" for Ents, "Vigilance" for Guardsmen, "Cremation" for Fire Elementals, "Hunger" for Gray Wolves, enhanced "Brutal" for bears.
3.Necrohs can't terrify troops with mind immunity any more.
4.Evil books can also devour enemies.
5.(class)Warrior's skill "Blood Rage" no longer affects units' talents.
6.More spells for enemy heroes.
7.Pilgrim's Boots increase the speed of all slowest troops instead of a random one.
8.Fixed a crash caused by the AI of spiders and Giants.
9.Fixed wrong dialogue options of companion Moldok.
10.More bug fixes.

version Pumpkin Moon -20191111

I'm a bit too forgetful to list all the changes I have made in the past half year now since there are so many. Most of them are small tweaks. Maybe later.
1.I have rewritten many ma~~~ny scripts to wipe out nearly all bugs I can find, especially those related to new units from KB-Dark Side.
2.Added ma~~~ny new talents and abilities to existed units. eg: We now have all Demons with ability "Gating", snakes with ability "Find Weakness", totally reworked "Winged Shadows" and "Gorguana Ghosts" and a lot more.
3.Added ma~~~ny new items.
4.New unit: Necroh.
5.New spell: "Time Reset".
6.Troops with low morale have a chance of losing their turn.
7.Applied a morale bonus to AI in high difficulties.
8.Improved some talent related AI.
9.The spell "Life Light" can resurrect troops. I think it is not that useless at last.
10.The spell "Phantom" has a level limit and no longer benefits from Skill "Summoner".
11.Some OP units or teams nerfed while UP units buffed.
12.The spell "Awaken Dragon" is exclusive to (class)Warrior(learned by default) now. (class)Mage learns Skill "Alchemy" by default and the skill is hidden to other classes now.
By the way finally we get detailed hints when Blood Priestesses cast "Sacrifice" and Metamorphs have learned how to transform back when killed(so we can resurrect them properly).

version Sunnymoon -20190515

1.New units: Gorguana Ghost and Winged Shadow.
2.The bonus provided by pet dragon is increased significantly.
3.Replaced (class)mage's skill "Breakthrough" with "Winds of Magic".
4.The morale of elemental creatures and the undead remains neutral.
5.New talent "Secede" and new ability "Plague Transmitter" for Decaying Zombies.
6.New talent "Reproduction" for dragonflies.
7.Reworked Gobots' talent "Division".
8.Reworked Choshas' talent "Feed".
9.Reworked Runemages' talent "Illusion".
10.Reworked Soothsayers' talent "Arcane Healing".
11.Reworked Orc Trackers' talent "Snare".
12.Lava Golems and Fire Elementals will restore health when they receive fire damage.
13.New ability "Dream Horror" for Evil Beholders.
14.New ability "Cannibal" for Jotuns.
15.New ability "Unfettered" for Knights, Trolls and Dwarf Warriors.
16.Priestesses' talent "Healing" and Witch Hunters' talent "Magic Lock" now are mass effects.
17.Gorguanas' talent "Blood Mark" is an area effect.
18.Plague can be transmited.
19.Added several interesting items.
20.Increased the health of all pawns on the battlefield.
21.Updated AI for most new units.
22.Updated most icons of new talents.
23.Updated the Battle Academy system. Now you can train Vikings.
24.Updated the descriptions of spells. So you can figure out the exact damage type of all spells.
25.Updated damage hint of specific spells.
26.Corrected many items' descriptions.
27.Countless bug fixes.

version Halfmoon hotfix1 -20190302

1.Rebalanced some skills and added one more exclusive skill to each class.
2.Exchanged the growth of leadership of (class)Warrior and (class)Paladin.
3.Totally rebalanced all the orc units.
4.New spells: "Cloud of Poison", "Corrosion" and "Time Shift".
5.Reduced the chance of recruiting troops above level 3 in the early game as suggested.
6.Increased the troop size of enemies at Hard and Impossible difficulty as suggested.
7.Warrior Maidens' talent "North Guard" was replaced with "North Adjustment".
8.Blood Priestesses' talent "Old Wounds" now is a mass effect.
9.(unit)Demons' ability "Vorpal Axe" works only when there is more than 1 unit in the target's stack.
10.Pegasus Maiden's talent "Gifts" has a leadership limit.
11.New ability for Archmages: Allies only suffer 80% damage from Spells.
12.Reduced the mana cost of the spell "Glot's Armor".
13.Many bug fixes I have forgotten.

version Frostmoon -20190125

1.Added 15+ items.
2.Bug fixed: Storm Falcons' ability "Thunderstorm" can't lower the cold resistence of adjacent enemies.
3.Bug fixed: Soothsayers' ability "Witching Staff" can't be triggered.
4.Bug fixed: the item Hunter's Bow lost attack bonus against enemy animals.
5.Storm Falcons, Phoenixes and all wolves find their lost animations when happy.
6.Snow Nymphs' talent "Winter Garden" can also be casted in the center cell of a Snowstorm.
7.Gorgons' talent "Hex" can't be casted on troops who are immune to magic.
8.Demonologists' talent "Thread of Life" can't be casted on the undead. As a make up, the healing power is increased.

Version Newmoon -20190121

New units added:

Fire Elemental
Ice Spider
Snow Nymph
Magma Elemental
Storm Falcon
Ice Dragon

Dread Eye

Blood Priestess


Viking Warrior
Axe Thrower
Viking Berserker
Warrior Maiden
Pegasus Maiden

New music!
Added 20+ new music from King's Bounty Warriors of the North and King's Bounty Dark Side.

Tons of new talents and abilities for both new and existed units added:

Allied Peasants will give you money if they are hit.
Cerberi will take another turn if allies land a critical hit.
Succubi are ranged.
Demons(unit) now kill extra 1 unit in all attacks.
Ice Dragons reduce the speed of earthbound enemies in the first 2 rounds.
Ancient Ents can protect one ally and transfer all damage.
Cyclops now ignore non-magic damage if the enemy's Attack is below 10.
Dread Eyes can leech mana from mages in ranged attacks.
Undead units now have a chance of rising from their corpses when they are destroyed.

and a lot more.

Some tweaks:

Amelie has more scroll slots.
Replaced Amelie's starting troops with a bit more useful ones.
Duration of the effect of many talents will extend as the troop's size increases.

and a lot more.

Also some bugfixes.

Bug reports and suggestions are welcomed.

Erkilmarl 01-21-2019 05:07 PM

Where is this download going to? I paused it, since it doesn't show on my screen as downloads do.

zhoudaohan 01-22-2019 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by Erkilmarl (Post 718415)
Where is this download going to? I paused it, since it doesn't show on my screen as downloads do.

Mirror link added.

Erkilmarl 01-23-2019 02:18 PM

Thanks. I downloaded and tried it. (I have played this game over 500 hours in Steam only, so I don't know how fast I'll go forward.) It seems to be quite promising. The diversity of units is fine, usually I find it hard to find the first decent units. Now there are almost too many choices. BTW, have you deliberately tweaked Bolo so that one can not get the exp boost without triggering the nearby enemy unit?

raknefne 01-24-2019 09:46 AM

Sounds interesting with the new creatures. Did you change something map-wise in the editor regarding landscape or is it more what to hire in shops?

I will try it one of these days! Right now I'm trying to get thru Darkside which I only played very little when it was released. Have made a small mod for it.

zhoudaohan 01-25-2019 03:07 AM


Originally Posted by Erkilmarl (Post 718419)
Thanks. I downloaded and tried it. (I have played this game over 500 hours in Steam only, so I don't know how fast I'll go forward.) It seems to be quite promising. The diversity of units is fine, usually I find it hard to find the first decent units. Now there are almost too many choices. BTW, have you deliberately tweaked Bolo so that one can not get the exp boost without triggering the nearby enemy unit?

Different enemy unit has different default guard range, so I think you may trigger a viking berserker but be safe with a snow nymph:)

zhoudaohan 01-25-2019 03:14 AM


Originally Posted by raknefne (Post 718431)
Sounds interesting with the new creatures. Did you change something map-wise in the editor regarding landscape or is it more what to hire in shops?

I will try it one of these days! Right now I'm trying to get thru Darkside which I only played very little when it was released. Have made a small mod for it.

I didn't edit the landscape, only have changed the troops you can hire in shops. Now you have more diverse units to choose from.

Erkilmarl 02-01-2019 06:51 PM

Did the 1c company just update Crossworlds (in Steam)? Or where did that come from? Anyway, I must reinstall the mod, since the game won't start.

raknefne 02-01-2019 08:27 PM

I played a little until I god to the Scrarlet Wind Island. It is soo funny trying like Amazon which I didnt meet in Darkside yet. My only concern - and made me have a break from the mod - is balance. I can get very good creatures early, at level 3 I bought Demonologists in the main castle in Scarlet Wind.

Perhaps change the difficulty in the game to become harder, since having better creatures and more items makes it easier overall? Maybe 250% on Impossible instead of 170%? Or similar things... 120% - 160% - 200% - 250% for instance. Then you can always choose to play Normal if 250% is too much.

I suppose it is a matter of taste.

Crendagord 02-02-2019 01:49 PM

Nice work. I especially like the pegasus maiden. I'm curious to know how you created this model and how you managed to add the ice dryad without breaking transparency

Each time I try to create a new unit, transparency is broken

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