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Jumoschwanz 11-25-2017 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by Marabekm (Post 717061)
Set yourself up an early North Africa scenario. Hurricane Mk I against the Italian G.50 for beginners. For a harder challenge, the Mk I Hurricane or Tomahawk IIb against the 109E7.

Nice fun matches. I tried them all. The Hurri vs. G50 was the hardest because the G50 turns well. Vs. the 109 was disappointing because it tries to slow down and dogfight with a slower more maneuverable craft instead of energy-fighting, so it was easy to beat. Most important in these one-vs.-one matches against AI is avoiding their first volley of fire, if you do that then you will almost always win if you use your crafts strengths against the other crafts weaknesses, which the AI seems almost never able to figure out.

Jumoschwanz 12-06-2017 04:31 PM

Okay, here is a really tough one. In the QMB set up 32 1940 Mig ace fighters to fly against 16 1940 Bf-110s and 16 1940 Bf-109s, YOU fly a Mig.....

The Axis craft beat the Migs up pretty badly every time and it is very tough to stay out of harms way.

Good luck and let us know how you do!

Jumoschwanz 12-07-2017 02:13 PM

I almost won the Mig vs. Germany challenge today, I got them down to only five 109s before I accidentally ran into the ground fighting three of them on the deck.

I started off well, getting up to altitude and Zooming and Booming some of the 109s to pieces, then things moved down and down until it was myself and three other Migs on the deck fighting twice our number of 109s and 110s. We got a lot of them and may have won it if I had not crashed my aircraft letting the AI concentrate on the AI Migs instead of myself.

Better luck next time....!

PS. I arm the Migs with the gunpods, they need all the firepower they can get against those German 20mm cannons.....

Jumoschwanz 12-07-2017 06:18 PM

And then a win. I got shot up and flew into some trees after downing a few Bf109s, but I did enough damage to other aircraft and distracted the blue AI enough so that they were able to finish off every last 109 and 110 with nine Migs left to spare.

Once the zooming and booming gig is over and they catch up to your altitude, then head for the deck and drag them down with you, that way the other Migs can come in no matter what altitude they are at and start mowing them down.

Stay on the outskirts of the main battle and pick them off as long as you can with as many wingmen as you can get close to, then when whatever is left of the main blue force comes after you there will be some Migs left to hit them in numbers. Nice if it would play out that way every time, but it is not likely.

Good luck.....

gaunt1 12-08-2017 08:57 AM

Ok, may not be so tough, but incredibly fun: 8x I-153 vs 8x PZL-11. All Ace AI, you fly the PZL :)

Jumoschwanz 12-10-2017 12:32 AM


Originally Posted by gaunt1 (Post 717105)
Ok, may not be so tough, but incredibly fun: 8x I-153 vs 8x PZL-11. All Ace AI, you fly the PZL :)

Gave it a try Gaunt1. They got me in round one but I my side won in round two.

The trick was to get into the fight and distract the AI so the rest of your team can go to work on them.

One flaw with the AI is that if you take a shot at it then it will pursue you until another AI attacks it, you can use this by taking shots at as many AI opponents as possible and you can get more than your share chasing you so that your AI team is free to go on the attack instead of defense.

Jumoschwanz 12-16-2017 05:58 PM

A nice balance is 32 Mig3ud ace AI vs. 16 bf110D and 16 Bf109F2 fighters.

I put the gunpods on the Mig3 because the ability to quickly knock-out an enemy aircraft with one pass seems to be crucial in which AI comes out on top.

The German aircraft will still easily win if it is only AI against AI, but with you flying and distracting two or more of the German aircraft the Migs almost always win.

The flaw in the AI is that instead of just one pair of fighters going after the human pilot, up to three or more pairs will go after the human pilot, so up to six or more enemy aircraft can be tied up going after one human, a serious flaw in the AI programming.

So all you do is fly around and take a few pot-shots at passing blue fighters and that triggers them to come after you. Once I have a "following" I usually break for the ground where the AI is not as comfortable as a human and I can keep my share busy or shoot them down until the rest of the Red team is free and comes to my aid....

RPS69 01-03-2018 04:01 PM

Try a 2 on 2 just veteran flying bf110 against Pe3-bis, at low level.

You will most probably be beaten 9 out of 10

dimlee 01-03-2018 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by RPS69 (Post 717191)
Try a 2 on 2 just veteran flying bf110 against Pe3-bis, at low level.

You will most probably be beaten 9 out of 10

Depends on Bf 110 variant, doesn't it?

gaunt1 01-04-2018 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by dimlee (Post 717192)
Depends on Bf 110 variant, doesn't it?

C4 is slightly superior to Pe-3bis. D1, E2, and even G2 are no match at all. F-2 may be equal, or just slightly inferior, needs testing.

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