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Jumoschwanz 10-02-2018 02:26 PM

I have left the four ace Re.2000 vs, four ace 1940 I-16s mission on my QMB for the last few months as a go-to whenever I am on the computer and feel like a flying challenge. It is still a very tough mission to crack and I never know if my Re.2000s will win or not. Maybe it is really a tough mission, or maybe I am not that good a virtual combat pilot anymore, either is possible.....:)

Marabekm 01-29-2019 09:55 AM

Try this one:

The Hungarians Re.2000s had their most successful day on 9 August 1942. That day, near the village of Davidovka, 16 Ilyushin Il-2s and a similar number of LaGG-3S were intercepted by four Reggianes. The Hungarians downed four LaGGs, suffering the loss of the Re.2000 of Lt Takács, who crash-landed behind his own lines, wounded.

I kept the same number of Re. 2000s, but only did 8 each of the Sturmoviks and Laggs. Not for the faint of heart!! ;)

JacksonsGhost 02-12-2019 12:18 PM

Don't know if this is a challenge for you guys, but I'm having some fun with it:

Three ace I-16 Type 5 against three ace Ki-27 Ko and two ace Ki-27 Otsu.

Start at 250 meters on the Smolensk map as the I-16.

I also used Hayate's great Chinese skins for the I-16s to give it a Chinese vs Japanese historical flavour!

Jumoschwanz 05-18-2019 10:17 AM

Marabekm, Thank-you for the bit of Re.2000 history. I had many days of fun flying them against those dastardly I-16s and got to the point where I could win consistently. The trick that usually worked was zooming and booming the I-16s, especially early on while they were distracted with your wing-men.

And thank-you Jackson's Ghost, I will try your scenario with the I-16s vs. Jap planes and see how it goes.

With the summer season here I am not flying as much, but there are still rainy days here and there that see me back in the seat.

The new 4.14 patch has made the AI a little better in my opinion, or maybe I am just getting older and worse at flying, but it has been fun trying things with the new patch, flying the MIg3ud vs. a 109f2/20mm is interesting this morning, the 109f2 seems to be the better aircraft but I can beat it with the Mig using old-age and treachery.


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