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blainedeyoung 11-02-2011 06:38 PM

Path of Ugraum
I just completed the mission with a silver victory (missed gold by one turn). I got the Power Stone. Did I miss anything by not getting the gold? The only reward I see listed is the Stone.

blainedeyoung 11-03-2011 03:36 PM

No, there isn't. The silver victory had exactly the same reward as a gold victory (other than bragging points).

I was pleased with the strategy that got the gold victory. (In my first 21 turn victory, I think it was more that I got lucky than that I had a good strategy). Taking the first objective point, the two city blocks in the pass, I sacrificed two units to draw the defenders out of their city. That got them into a broader area, so I could attack with more units. And I got the nobles with no city bonus to defense. By the time I got there, the artillery was defending the city.

Then I waited to deploy the three stone throwers I bought and put them behind that first objective. I beat the big dwarf by bombarding him with two stone throwers and the spear thrower, which had increased range by that point, over the mountains. The balloon helped too. And I got one wolf rider in to deliver the killing blow.

whitecrow4 01-12-2015 08:27 AM

The weird thing is now the log is correct. I'm thinking it got messed up when I was trying to change the turn limits in the editor. (I was not able to make it change them)

On that note....I know this has been mentioned repeatedly but I really think this game could have been a lot more popular and sold more copies if the dev's just had an option to play without the limits. Make an "arcade" or "freeplay" mode that lets you just play leather4sure without the restrictions and have a "Expert" or "Strategy" Mode where if you do use the limits you get the best rewards available like the best artifacts, more gold and xp, better units ect. depending on getting bronze, silver or gold. Maybe even unlock a new character or get an alternate ending.

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