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Razorflame 06-28-2010 05:06 PM

most annoying creature to kill
ok here's the deal
make a list of the most annoying enemy stack u have to kill for a NO loss RUN
(and hopefully get a good tip too waste them;)

1. shamans( especially high stacks of shamans who can't be magic shackled

my tip for this enemy is too use mass magic shackles, it has a mass effect which keeps them doing only normal attack and not those pesky axes and totems which can deal a shitload of damage :O

2. black dragons

another big annoyce they are almost impossible to kill especially with a mage
my tip is trap(trap does work on black dragons

3. archidemons

oh boy they are pesky little bastards, they got alot of hp and do good damage

my tip be sure to be first and then place a trap:P

4. GIANTS (not very strong units but their special makes it horrible

tip is get alot of soaring or flying units. so their special is useless

5. high stacks of cyclopses

they take lots of damage before they die(they have alot of high physcial resistance and spells don't do much damage either)

i ussualy use a summoned unit to keep them busy while i aim with my archers on them)

6. brontors

make a summoned unit in front of them so they run to it
then hammer them with rest of the units

clinek 06-28-2010 07:48 PM

what happens when you have a compilation of shamans, brontors, black dragons, cyclopses ect :). Ive had that before and its a real pain in the ass to do. I agree with you though, you did pick some of the worst units to fight.

Shamans: one weakness for them you can cast magic shackles or fear on them. If you have low level units in your army, shamans dont really cause too much trouble but higher level units suffer massive casualties against thier magic axe. Fear them if you have all level 5 units in your army or magic shackle them.

black dragons: death star is your best friend against the bastards. if your a mage, cast fear on one of the archers or something then cast death star on the dragons. Blackies are the number one pain in the ass so you want to kill them first before any other unit PERIOD.

Archdemons: excorcism works pretty well against them. if there are multiple stacks of them, then use geyser. Remember that if you are a mage, the higher magic skill only allows you to cast a spell under 20 mana or you will not get a second spell that turn. Use another spell like fear or something to disable another unit before casting geyser, excorcism, death star, ect.

Giants: they never seem to cause too many problems for me. Then again, i use bone, black, green, and red dragons along with archdemons in my army. they only affect the archdemons so its really not a concern for me if they are alive or not.

cyclopses: They do really shitty range damage. just dont get units close enough to them so that they can hit you with thier melee attack. Just like any archer, kill them before melee units but get rid of the rest of the archers before them since they really wont cause too many problems unless the stack is truly MASSIVE. In that case though, your f u c k e d anyways. the biggest problem is thier high resistances. use death star if needed or just use ghost blade, magic axe, ect.

Brontors: god i hate them. they are immune to mind spells so no fear, blind, hypnosis, ect. pygmy them. that way they dont do all that much damage. Just remeber, if they cant use thier charge ability, they will burrow underground. If you cant pygmy before they burrow, the spell will be canceled once they do. They are weak against fire your use firerain against them. A lot of them will die each round once they are burned.

another units which is really a pain in the ass are red dragons. They do insane damage and can hit you from anywhere on the battlefield. They are like a black dragon archer! The difference is that they are not immune to spells. Decimate them with geyser and death star. ghost blade also works pretty well against them too.

Razorflame 06-28-2010 08:43 PM

yeah rest of the enemies seems to be real easy ;-)

or have i forgotten one? xD

Zechnophobe 06-28-2010 09:49 PM

Cast Plague on Black Dragons, it pulls them down a peg or two pretty nicely. Especially effective if you are undead.

In the early game, assassin's are annoying to fight. Chance to poison, good damage potentially at range. A great tactic is to move someone out, then put a trap behind them, and wait with the rest of your units. The Assassin's hop out to backstab, hit the trap, don't backstab, and don't return to where they started.

Giants are annoying but not very effective. Use air based units.

kcwong 06-29-2010 12:12 AM

For me, the most annoying units are those with damage over time effects, as they get in the way when you're trying for a no-loss victory and they are the only units left. Alchemist is at the top of that list.

clinek 06-29-2010 01:05 AM


great tactic is to move someone out, then put a trap behind them, and wait with the rest of your units. The Assassin's hop out to backstab, hit the trap, don't backstab, and don't return to where they started.
ha ha ha thats dick. I never thought of that. I would do that strategy more for comedy than anything else. Good idea.


For me, the most annoying units are those with damage over time effects, as they get in the way when you're trying for a no-loss victory and they are the only units left. Alchemist is at the top of that list.
yea they are a real pain in the ass. Fear and magic lock is your best bet. i prefer fear most for a few reasons.

1. its chaos magic. i always max out chaos magic before anything else since all yours damaging spells at the beggining of the game that have any real use are chaos spells

2. it last for 4 rounds. That gives you plenty of time to wipe out most threats and then kill the bastards later

3. it only cost 10 mana at level 3. I mean come on, only 10 mana. A mage could shit that out.

4. the enemies cannot attack at all if your army is of a higher level.

5. they changed this in KB:AP but in TL, it causes the enemy not to use any of thier skills.i remeber fighting demoness's in demonis and casting fear on them so that they couldn't use thier swap ability in TL but i tried using that tactic against a group of assasins in AP, needless to say, my units got a knife jabbed up thier asses:evil:

for some reason, the dwarven areas seem to be overloaded with cannoneers and alchemist. why? that makes things so difficult when you first go to montero or the dwarven land in TL. put more dwarves, miners, and foreman in the army, not archers.

Razorflame 06-29-2010 03:16 AM

i love alchemist they always make my game no loss

for simple reasons;-)

let them throw their bottles

cast dispel

then safe it for last;-)

it has no retal

so that can be abused by magic spring :D

weidox 07-19-2010 08:53 AM

Take 1 stack of any bears into your army, and you will always have a no retaliation unit - you will only need to position it well and time it well (against slower melee unit or speed 2 archer in a corner). Then, magic spring and ressurection or phantom with paladins.

N3MES1S 07-19-2010 10:24 AM

Brontors are the most hard to kill creatures of the game, specially if u attack em with range units. I remember time ago i needed almost 30 minutes to kill an enemy with a 300 brontors stack. That was just horrible.

Shammans are dangerous units, its the first stack i use to attack before attacking anyone else. Depending on wat units do you have (shammans will attack first cyclops, beholders and something else) u need to kill em fast or not.

¿Black Dragons hard to kill with mage?? dont think so.. they are easy to kill, with mage, warrior or paladin. Dragons are not a real threat. Only if u have thorns or something fire vulnerable in your army.... ^^

cyclops are only dangerous on hard and impossible game modes, when u find a 50 cyclops stack, that is a really tough match, even harder than a 50 black dragon stack. U can put traps for dragons, or u can attack dragons with physical damaging creatures, but cyclops, attacking from distance and with that high universal defense are more hard to kill than dragons.

Bears are not a "no retaliation" units, weidox, u must be talking about some other units. Royal Snakes are no retaliation units, or assasins.

Assasins are easy to kill, u can use a lot of strategies, trap (i used to use the trap "method" xD) , or just dont move and wait till they make their special backstab move (just summon some unit or damage em till they have low stack). Or just move any poison resistant unit if u have no choice.

Pirates, Swordman, Sea Dogs and all the units that can avoide attacks are the most annoying units in the game. They can avoid more than 2 consecutive attacks lol. Thats maybe the only thing that should be fixed (its stupid when u launch 3 attacks on a sea dogs stack and they avoid the 3 attacks... wtf.. ?).

And yes, red dragons are far more dangerous than black dragons. Even if they die faster.

Razorflame 07-19-2010 12:39 PM

lol dragons easier to kill than cyclopses?


i rather have a stack fo 50 cyclopses than a stack fo 50 dragons

cyclopses can only hit 1 stack

while a dragon can hit multiple stacks and give them the burning effect

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