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prim001 11-18-2010 07:53 PM

impossible warrior using human only units
Would it be possible to run an entire game with using only human race units on impossible difficulty ?
Just about to finish first playthrough with a paladin on hard and want to try something new, so was thinking of a warrior restricted to using only humans.
To clarify king's bounty the legend, not AP.

RedRover57 11-19-2010 06:21 PM

Sounds pretty tough. Early game you wouldn't have a good tank unit, until you can get horsemen/knights. Unfortunately you can no longer kite the tough enemy away from the tent to buy early horsemen, so you will be stuck with swordsmen, which have low hit points. Maybe if you get the boots that have +5 defense for swordsmen, guardsmen, horsemen and knights, but that is purely random. Also, it seems like you will need to find Resurrection and Mana Spring early (and hope you find a lot of Inquisitors for additional Resurrection and Archmages for shield), as running out of units will be an issue unless you can rescue a bunch.

I can't comment on how mid-late game would go, but it sounds like you would need some luck early game for good spells, artifacts and units. Sounds interesting though. Good luck!

prim001 11-19-2010 07:08 PM

Well i managed to get the +5 def boots at starting city which ive just managed to get after saving.
Currently only lvl 5, using inq,bowmen,priests,archmage and swordsmen and finding it fine so far, though admitedly not far through the game. mananged to take the turtle with some luck with no loses.

Now gone bk to clear the initial island, then head to freedom islands where i suspect thing will get tougher with just humans that are low lvl.

RedRover57 11-19-2010 09:27 PM

Interesting. How did you manage the turtle with no losses? For my first run through I am playing paladin on normal difficulty and trying the no troop losses strategy. I'm level 5 with no losses so far and ready to try the turtle, but was concerned about what tank unit to use. The only tank units I have found so far are swordsmen (not really a tank), guardsmen (more hit points but still low), ancient bears (good tank but I can't res them yet - my Inquisitors can, but only once per battle) and regular vampires (can't res them). I also managed to get 2 griffins from eggs without angering the rest of the griffins on the island. I was thinking that ancient bears plus stone skin plus archmage shield is my best chance for a tank. I'm not sure if I can pull it off without losing any though.

prim001 11-19-2010 11:08 PM

i found the archmage shield a must, as for tanking unit i managed to get a knight from the tent. Not many in ther so only used it for the turtle and had 4 range units, priests healing, inq to heal and bowman for dmg laong with achmage shield

RedRover57 11-20-2010 10:27 PM

After doing the quest to get a dragon fang for the tavern owner, he had one demon for sale. I used the demon + stone skin + archmage shield to tank and whittled the turtle down with ranged units (archmages, inquisitors, bowmen and priests) + rank 2 magic poleaxe (or whatever it is called) spell. Mana Spring on the demon also to get back mana. I couldn't heal the demon but he had just enough hit points to survive. Ancient bears would have worked as tanks after picking up rank 2 res spell. With the boost to leadership after defeating the turtle I am breezing through the undead cemetery using the above troops (except ancient bears instead of the demon). I'm sure it would be easy substituting swordsmen or guardsmen for the bears as well, so all human army would not be a problem with paladin hero at this stage even going for zero losses.

This is a fun game - surprised I never heard of it until recently as I am a big HOMM fan. Playing through without losses suits my style. I will probably want to replay with a mage on a harder difficulty since I would like to try a necromancer type hero, but I'm also looking forward to trying the expansions.

prim001 11-20-2010 11:50 PM

Nice bit of luck with the demon. Im now slowly clearing the freedom isles out, run out of guardsman and now stuck with just swordsman and peasants as front line troops :(

First time for me playing such a game as this and finding it fairly addictive, might try out this homm every seems to compare this game to after :)

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