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Darth-Revan 03-12-2014 04:35 PM

Help! "Can't initialize video mode."
Whenever I try to play either of the Death to Spies games, the original or moment of truth, it comes up with " WARNING:Can't initialize video mode."

How do I fix this? Am trying reinstalling now but as both don't work I'm assuming reinstalling it will not work.

Screen of the game & the error.

Reply asap, thanks,
Darth Revan

OSS 05-23-2014 10:29 AM

You should try to select your video mode manually. For this you will need to find SmershSetup.exe , run it and select your desired mode. Usually it will be located in the game install folder.

For steam version:

1. Go to your game library and right click Death to Spies and select Properties.
2. Select the local files Tab
3. Select Browse local Files.

and you should see it right near Smersh (the actual game executible file).

Tell me if you got some troubles with that or it will help ya.

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