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Freak Of Nature 08-26-2009 07:21 AM

Suggestions for upcoming video
As I already informed, developers will make new RnR video with ingame sound. And this time we have an opportunity to tell them what we want to see in that video. So feel free to share your thoughts.

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pook 08-26-2009 08:45 AM

- Sounds, engines, and various sounds,( sorting/ gearing sound, horn, blown air brakes, jake braking .....etc)
- What's the mirrors with cockpit views. Looking at my reflection in the mirror he saw trailer truck side ... Possibility to adjust mirrors (down, up, left to right)
-all views that game allows. I would like to view the free camera! (inerior adjusting perspective (sitting up, sit down, sit forward, sit back))
- Detailed view> the functionality of all lights and indicators in the interior of that work.
- View as it involved disconnect trailer outside the Warehouse
-functional traffic lights in town and how the AI cars obey traffic lights
- In the cities to see pedestrians
-introduction and overview of all types of trucks in game (I wait in vain to see Volvo and its interior)
-see that the AI vehicles flashing indicator light, changing lanes, exits from the highway intersection to the right, left, etc.
see all kinds of weather (fog, smog, sun day, wind (tornado?), Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ... etc.
-see what to do in bars, motels, options to withdraw from the truck and how freedom of movement
- Look on two lanes roads, small towns, wilderness, birds, animals and what their sounds in the woods no only highway......etc.
-View bird's eye view of the traffic density in urban areas. (Constipation, column?)

Azabache 08-26-2009 10:26 AM

-How the truck handles on mountain roads (climbing and descending hills) loaded
-How the truck accelerates and comes to a stop when loaded

pook 08-26-2009 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by Azabache (Post 93085)
-How the truck handles on mountain roads (climbing and descending hills) loaded
-How the truck accelerates and comes to a stop when loaded

Yy. But this must be viewed in the simulation mod! Most simulations of what this game offers! Arcade mode is useless for this, example Arkade mod because I only senseless 6 gears:D I'd like to see a detailed view of how it behaves under strong trailer hook turns, etc. in a long video sequence with long screen and no video effects.......:)

1Truck 08-26-2009 11:46 AM

-Engine sounds (outside of cab and inside should be different)
-Views that show the sleeper
-Any, if at all, new trucks that weren't shown before

Freak Of Nature 08-26-2009 02:33 PM

1.As many as posible truck models that haven't been shown yet in previous videos.
2. As many as posible different trailers.
3. Tunned trucks
4. More interesting scenes from story mode.
5. Scenes with mafia and some action.
6. As big as posible cop chase.
7. Driving on Ice road. Drifting on it would be interesting to see too.
8. Some big crashes while driving with trailers, to see how truck behaves.
9. AI tricks like the one when AI tried to block player from overtaking.
10. Weather effects: Strong Rain, Light Rain, fog other.
11. Scenes with high number of cars, or even traffic jams.
12. Natural AI accidents.
13. California championship scenes.
14. Different race types.
15. Mission that hitchikers offer.
16. Different environments: Mountains, Desserts, Valleys.
17. You said there will be some dirty roads, show them.
18. Other places to load than warrehouses that we see everytime.
19. Show biggest races that are posible (I mean races with highest number of competitors)
20. Different truck crashes, to show their damage.
21. Sounds of ingame radio.
22. Show how trukers talk through radios to each other, and some available commands.
23. Procces of buying trucks.
24. Procces of hiring drivers and managing them.
25. Show animals if there are.
26. Show details that create relistic atmosphere: Flying planes, Air ballons, helicopters, trains, animals, birds, boats, ships...
27. Destructible objects.
28. Night driving.
29. Trailer damage
30. Cargo damage.
31. Truck/Trailer/Cargo on Fire if posible.
32. Tanker explosion if posible.

And to all, suggestions will be sent to developers on Friday so we have time only till then.

bubblesjs 08-26-2009 04:43 PM

Sounds from crashes i.e scrapes, clunks, explosions, tyre screech. Police sirens. AI traffic noises. Character voices in video scenes. Puddles on roads. Punctures. Truck overturned from crash. Death from crash resulting in the end of the game. Simulation mode. Accidents with pedestrians (if possible). Trailers jack-knifing. A crash so intense that the trailer becomes unhitched from the truck itself. Loads falling off of trailers i.e logs falling off of a trailer from aggressive driving or severe crash (if possible). Ingame music. Sorry if anyone has already said any of these :)

Benedettini 08-26-2009 10:03 PM

-Simulation mode instead of arcade,so we can see the physics
-HQ video for download,even for 1hour length I can go DL even it is 500MB

-Please,do not hand the wheel either to kid,nor idiot,nor crazy Russian Lada driver :D

Drive sensibly

trucknisse 08-27-2009 07:19 AM

- A look at the new FULL map.
- A look at the S.F. bay area and L.A. freeway network modeling. These are surely significantly reduced.
- Any radio tuner capabilities, in game communication capabilities.
- Tight load maneuvering on busy streets.
- Speed of AI traffic (as seen on demo videos, way way too slow)
- List of deliverable loads

Freak Of Nature 08-27-2009 08:28 AM

Also I want to see roadworks if there are.

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