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Artas1984 11-18-2009 09:30 AM

Paineditor for Necrovision and polish language
Question for superiors - will the 1C include a Paineditor for the upcoming patch 1.3? That would be an easy level editing tool for the common folk like me, where as now it is possible only through lua.

Another thing - it looks to me as if the developer of the game again wrote lots of scripts in polish language, what pisses me off. An example from game Data/LScritps:

Actions =
AI = "AI:true/false\nWlacza/wylacza inteligencje przeciwnika.",
Damage = "Damage:obj[,dmg]\nZadaje obrazenia obiektowi. Przy braku parametru 'dmg' zadaje obrazenie usmiercajace obiekt.",
Kill = "Kill:obj\nNatychmiastowo kasuje obiekt ze swiata gry. Bez zadnych dodatkowych efektow."

Right, wtf that supposed to mean? I mean, com on, original PainEd was already a pain in the ass, since lots of stuff was written in PL, i see the people from PCF, who developed Necrovision left the same legacy.

OugaBooga 11-26-2009 05:42 AM

Hey, i was born in canada & learned PL from "listening" as i grew up.
My dad speaks FULL PL & if you NEED "real" translations i can help & use my dad's understanding.
I feel SOOO lucky to have a dad that speaks like ALL euro languages.
He grew up speaking austrian/yiddish/ukrianian/polish/russian.
learned german/french,italian,spanish,english.
SADLY i don't know even 1/2 what he knows but i have learned enuff that if in a state of "WAR" i will speakmit VERILY !!

MSG me if you need help >>> Blk Pioter

Understanding is 1 thing , translating is the same as creating another engine !!

persoiranian 11-26-2009 07:06 PM

you really can speak all of these languages?(austrian/yiddish/ukrianian/polish/russian.

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