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Nike-it 05-27-2009 07:30 AM

Moderation of the game Chat
This thread is created to list all banned users, who violated the MoW Chat rules.

Nike-it 05-27-2009 07:41 AM

26 May Ban list

Ban till 2 June

OMG_Eulogy (obscene language, multiple)
WireDawg11thMEU (obscene language, multiple)
T-dogNumLock (obscene language, multiple)
warfare_30 (obscene language, multiple)

Ban till 29 May

ironhammer2009 (obscene language)
vardeesbjerg (obscene language)
Comrade_Vodka[USSR] (obscene language)
[TPM-SP]crazydays (obscene language)
Band-AidBox (obscene language)
Poerisija (obscene language)
Bobsagget69 (obscene language)
Xorash (obscene language)
rogersmithpipe (obscene language)
]HELL[kevin (obscene language)
CaptainDuckrag (obscene language)
MisterVex (obscene language)

Nike-it 05-27-2009 09:12 AM

27 May Ban list

Ban till 3 June

pourweed (obscene language, multiple)
MisterVex (obscene language, multiple)
skaarj222 (obscene language, multiple)
warfare_30 (multiple violation, obscene language, flood)
Poerisija (obscene language, multiple violation)
Band-AidBox (obscene language, multiple violation)

Ban till 29 May

VCEMDEAD_293289 (obscene language)
SuperRIDDE5 (obscene language)
BrutalTiny (obscene language)
OMG_Firefly (obscene language)
Squishyness (obscene language)
hoppe_676547 (flood)
mowyj (flood)

Nike-it 05-28-2009 08:58 AM

28 May Ban list

Ban till 28 June

pourweed (obscene language, multiple violation)

Ban till 1 June

eean89 (obscene language)
slippery{}SarcasM (obscene language)

Nike-it 06-01-2009 09:56 AM

1 June Ban list

Ban till 4 June

St33lMarine (obscene language)
kmban123 (obscene language)
BirdDogHasYourSmoke (obscene language)
ToiletFishPotato (obscene language)
(O_o)_Bagration_ (obscene language)
raptor_318712 (obscene language)
Purre (obscene language)
tunartunar (obscene language)
submoa_walrus (obscene language)
Fliesyason (obscene language)
patton_223985 (flood)
[lllreich]FERDINAND (flood)
piotrekandegrand (flood)

Ban till 8 June

JABuendia (obscene language, multiple)
koralt (obscene language, multiple)

Nike-it 06-02-2009 09:14 AM

2 June Ban list

Ban till 5 June

Fliesyason (obscene language)
mamelon_504635 (obscene language)

Ban till 9 June

mowyj (Flood, second violation)

Nike-it 06-04-2009 08:46 AM

4 June Ban list

Ban till 8 June

Mr_Cronwell (obscene language)
okolupaj (obscene language)

Ban till 11 June

thredlord (obscene language, multiple)
Aickhorn (obscene language, multiple)

Nike-it 06-05-2009 09:09 AM

4 June Ban list

Ban till 8 June

Fulhund (obscene language)
arsenikum (obscene language)
XINX-NL (obscene language)
Fuckballs (obscene language)
TheBoomtap (obscene language)
GermanAA-Gun (obscene language)
WireDawg11thMEU (obscene language)

Nike-it 06-09-2009 10:07 AM

9 June Ban list

Ban till 12 June

rogersmithpipe (obscene language)
Torgrim12 (obscene language)
Jonesmaster187 (obscene language)
boss_127125 (obscene language)
KristophXIII (obscene language)
Ryo95 (obscene language)
okolupaj (obscene language)
Killpo1 (obscene language)
hewinb15 (obscene language)
Kapitan{patriot} (obscene language)
mabcf09 (obscene language)
beowulf_435428 (obscene language)
yaik8a (obscene language)
hhh1300 (obscene language)
=vp=Valiko (obscene language)
Titus72 (obscene language)
SeraphLeviathan (obscene language)
comptonOG (obscene language)
The_Snipp_Boss_31 (flood)
[RA]Napoleone (flood)

Ban till 16 June

RIDDIK_PRASE (obscene language, multiple)

Ban till 7 July

(Flood, obscene language, third violation)

Nike-it 06-15-2009 07:29 AM

15 June Ban List

Ban till 18 June

hyperx88 (obscene language)
hoppe_676547 (obscene language)
AustinPowersFasjer (obscene language)
|-|0L0(0S7 (obscene language)
bartek2008p (flood)

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