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P-38L 09-14-2020 06:08 AM

A repair in air navigation.
Hi Daidalos Team

I really like designing missions where you have to use air navigation to find destinations. I have come across a particular case of the He 177 which has its air navigation system backwards. The aircraft named below have the air navigation indicator correctly: Bf 109, Bf 110, Do 335, Fw 190 and He-111.

But the He 177 has the navigation indicator backwards. Is it possible that the next update can fix this bug?

I thank you in advance for the great effort and performance that you have put into this magnificent flight simulator.
Bf 109
Bf 110
Do 335
Fw 190
He 111
He 177. Here you can see that the needle is tilted the other way.

Sita 09-15-2020 09:14 AM

Hi) yes) we know and already fixed it... in curent version of working build of future patch it work how it must be ..

P-38L 09-15-2020 11:13 PM

Thank you
Really the work and beautiful work that you do is magnificent. I thank you very much for all the dedication and commitment you make of this, the best flight simulator.

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