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Irenicus 08-27-2014 05:51 PM

Kings Bounty Dark Side German Box
Hello guys and Girls,

I have a serious problem with the Game Kings Bounty Dark Side.
Today i buy the German Box Version and install it.

After the install i try to start the game and it works, but there are no letters in for Play, Options, Leave etc in the red fields.

As i try to start the game there was no describtions for charakters and the difficulty.

For example in the description field fpr the warrior was only [nwg_deor_war] NF.
As i try to start the Game there was an error Label not found cpi alchemist. As I go to continue there was similar messages for other units.

In my first try i install the game from the cd and activate it per steam. In my second try i download it from Steam. Same problem by booth ways.

All in All ... what must i do to run this game?

Friednly greeting and sorry for my bad english.

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