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spamm 12-13-2009 03:13 PM

Save Game Scanner
Save Game Scanner v1.5 for:
- Kings Bounty: The Legend
- Kings Bounty: Armored Princess

Author & Developer: Evil-Good
Translation from Russian into English: DG Dobrev

The program decompiles the save files (*.sav), analyzing their contents and providing information concerning all game objects and items in all shops, chests, burried chests, and random game objects in all islands, continents and underground maps.

1. Start the Scanner.
2. Indicate the path to the saved games folder.
3. Indicate the path to file loc_ses.kfs of the save game version that the saves belong to.
4. Hit the Scan button.
5. Wait until scanning is complete.
6. In the folder where the saved game files are found will appear a number of subfolders in which you will find these files:
- savedata.rpt - report concerning the items - where are they found and where are they sold
- savedata.txt - decompiled text of the saved game
- saveinfo.txt - decompiled text providing short information concerning the save game
- screenshot.png - screenshot of the saved game
- slotpicture.png - thumbnail of the screenshot
7. Open the file savedata.rpt in Excel or any program capable of text editing.
8. Read. Carefully.

If you want to speed up the scanning process, you can unlock the creation of the decompiled files. To do so, you muct remove the tick from "Keep the decompiled save text".

Additional options:

* Editing the saved games *

The scanner can help you edit your saved games. In order to do that, you must:
1. Download the file from the official forum of the game.
2. Start the scanner. In the Settings tab, turn on everything except "In-depth decompilation".
3. Scan the saved game.
4. Open the file savedata.txt and edit it as you see fit.
5. Start the KB_DB_EDIT_0.75_eng.exe file, hit the "Compile" button, then select "File Compilation", then Next, select the edited savedata.txt file and save is as "savedata" (as a file without an extension!).
6. Now you must calculate the checksum of the new file, or the game will consider the edited save corrupt and will not load it. So start the scanner, select "Calculate CRC" and open the "savedata" file (the one without an extension).
7. The file savecrc will appear on your HDD. Now everything is set for the update of the saved game. Open the *.sav file you decided to edit with WinZip or WinRar and replace the files "savedata" and "savecrc" with the edited ones.
8. Launch the game and load the edited *.sav file.

- Some save file editions may lead to crashes and other errors. Backing up the save file you edit is mandatory!
- File "saveinfo" is used to show information of the save files in the saved games list. Calculation of the checksum of this file after any editing has been conducted is not necessary.

* Creating report filters *

You can create various report filters by stating important objects (artifacts, troops), which the scanner will use as a basis for creating filtered mini-reports.
To do so, you must make a text file with *.flt extension, type in the list of items/creatures you wish to look for and save it. Example:

Ancient Amulet
Ring of Mind
Pain Skull
Snake ring
Usurer's Ring

and put the file in the folder where loc_ses.kfs is found. You can create a number of such files. The Scanner will find them, take them into account and create additional reports based on those files.
Several filter examples can be found in the "Filter_Examples\Eng" folder.

* Adding descriptions of unknown objects *

You have the opportunity to create your own descriptions to unknown objects. Let us assume that you have some files from the Russian version, and in your report you have:

Остров Дебир castle_frederick Крестьянин 9999

The object code Остров Дебир the scanner couldn't find in the loc_ses.kfs file, because it is not translated in English. You can help the scanner by creating a file named eng_misc.lng where you can add the code of the object through the = sign:
Остров Дебир=Debir Island

and put the file eng_misc.lng in the same folder where loc_ses.kfs is found. Now the scanner will take it into account, load it and will give this report:

Debir Island castle_frederick Крестьянин 9999

Then you can do the same for the Крестьянин code, by replacing it with peasant - Крестьянин=Peasant in the eng_misc.lng.


DGDobrev 12-13-2009 04:39 PM

Works perfectly, spamm, great one :)

The report is the most important thing to take into account, showing you every simple thing that the shops sell - items, troops, scrolls and whatnot :)

billythegreat 12-13-2009 08:20 PM

Can you edit with this mod the item's availability at a shop or is only useful just to see if the wanted items are in the game or not ?

DGDobrev 12-13-2009 08:40 PM

As a tool, it simply scanns the save game. However, you can try to decompile, edit and recompile it, but make sure you keep a backup of the saved game.

How to do that is described in the readme file. If anything has changed and it is not there, then the KB_EDIT tool is the way to go.

Mystic Phoenix 12-14-2009 12:05 AM

Great tool for sure, many thanks for that.

I just wonder how reliable it is:
In a test there seem to be at least three pieces of information that might be wrong (and I discovered them just by cross reading the file and not via an in-depth analysis). While I might have easily missed two caches in trees on Debir (although I was really thoroughly searching for them), I think it is difficult to miss the skeleton on Rusty Anchor which has some magic crystals to offer according to the file.

Are the diggable chest mentioned as well? Didn't find them on first glance.

DGDobrev 12-14-2009 12:20 AM

Those cashes may be exactly buries chests. I can assure you, this tool is extremely accurate, as it scans the save game itself, and if the data in the save game is not accurate... What will be, is a good question to ask oneself :) It will give you info about artifact, unit, and whatnot in a nutshell (or sort of).

For example, when I scanned my last game just before finishing it, I discovered I missed out on several hidden chests (some containing valuable items)...

Saridu 12-14-2009 02:28 AM

Very useful, one of my saved games has the red dragon amulet but I was too scared to start it in case I couldn't find Red Dragons (outside the dragon lair of course)

mnorbi75 12-14-2009 07:25 AM

maybe my fault , but savegame editor is bugged at me , i just see ???????
I think it is russian version or charachters, can you tell me how can i use english version ?

marc 12-14-2009 07:39 AM

Well, that confirms it, not a single demonologist to be had in my game :(

DGDobrev 12-14-2009 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by mnorbi75 (Post 128163)
maybe my fault , but savegame editor is bugged at me , i just see ???????
I think it is russian version or charachters, can you tell me how can i use english version ?

The editor is russian. There is no english version as far as I know. Try to get the windows to show Cyrillic chars (through language settings or additional programs) and use google translate afterwards.

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