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Daystar 09-16-2008 02:25 AM

Demo reviews:
The following is my fairly short review of King's Bounty.

If King's Bounty were a person, I would voluntarily and gladly make love to it, repeatedly and in many different positions. It is that pretty. There were NO graphical glitches AT ALL, the music was good, all the art felt very old school and at the same time it was in stunningly rendered 3D. And (for some reason this matters a great deal to me) there are battlefields with BUNNIES hopping around in the corners of them. Bunnies. Fluffy, Hoppy, Bunnies.

In worship of the Royal Snake: It is WONDERFUL. it is this giant blue snake thing, excellently animated, good in combat, so so so much fun. And when it retaliates against an enemy attack and kills the stack, it shakes the rattle on its tail and looks at the corpse of it's enemy. If it could talk, you can tell what it would be saying: "That's right."

The music is good, the AI is clever, and the feeling of the game is very simmilar to "Dark Lord of Derkholm" or "The Tough Guide to Fantasy Land" by Diana Wynne Jones.

I encourage others to post their reviews/reactions as well.

The Incarnate 09-16-2008 04:59 AM

Having waited for this game for almost a year it seems, to finally download the english demo was a sweet release for me today. Right from the start I noticed exceptional stability within the glitches, crashes, lockups. The graphics were next for me and again i was VERY impressed especially when viewed from maxed zoom out. I am running the game on my maxed resolution of 1280x1024. My specs are Dell xps 400...running a Pentium D 2.80 ghz dual core, 3 gigs of ram. Graphics card is a brand new shiny GeForce 9600 GT and it is running this game like a government mule! Flawless performance on maxed settings.

Graphically, the game is beautiful. High fantasy settings..dark woods, castles, moats, small villages. Plenty of enemies to engage, as well as plenty of treasure to loot. Amazing after the advent of World of Warcraft, several games since then have adopted the cartoony, lushly colored fantasy style of Warcraft. It is evident here as well, and if you liked those beautiful vistas from WOW, you will not be dissappointed here.

Moving through the world in real time really brings home the RPG side of this game. Plenty of quests and errands to go along with exploration of the world go together like chicken and rice.

What would a game like this be without combat. Combat begins by either you coming upon a group of enemies in the real world or vice versa. The warring parties are then transported to a battle arena which apparently changes based on where you were when combat is initiated. Combat takes place on a hex grid and in TRUE turn based fashion. No hacking and slashing for all of Diablo Heads. Here you are encouraged to THINK about tactical strategy. Take your time...savor the battle...isnt that the reason all of us turn based freaks play these kinds of games. TBS rocks!!! Play this game and you will see why.

In closing I forgot to mention, myriads of spells and powers which totally rock. Not to forget the Rage Powers! The two in the demo are kick-a$$!!! I read a report from somewhere that this game was a labor of love for the developers. This is very evident during the demo. A subtle, quaint, and most charming world has been created. What storylines I have read in the demo, have been charming and funny and do exactly what they are supposed to do, meaning sending you on a dangerous quest into a dark forest, rid some ladies garden from evil plants, or to help on ailing hunter rid himself and others from a werewolf curse. It is truly an outstanding game.

Kudos to 1C and Katauri for taking the time and effort to make a game that so many old school gamers such as myself will find irresistable to put down. Should this be your first foray into fantasy themed TBS, not a better game awaits you. Upon playing through the demo I found myself feeling like I did the first time I ever played The Legend of Zelda on NES. Or the first time I ever played Pool Of Radiance, or any of the Bards Tale series. And shall we not forget the first time any of us played the first Heroes of Might and Magic or most ultimately....Kings Bounty! Again thanks to everyone that has been working on this project! Kings Bounty: The Legend represents what was best about gaming from a time now past and invites you to explore its stunning world while keeping hope alive that PC gaming is not dying!! It will never die!!

(.P.S).....all of this just from the!!!

Stever717 09-16-2008 05:11 AM

From one of my favorite movies
Taggart says " DITTO! "


Imperial Dane 09-16-2008 09:13 AM

Well i would be cautious about calling this a review overall :P

But my Impressions from the Demo were fantastic, i mean where should i start?

The graphics while perhaps not the newest are used to their fullest extent with beatiful textures, great scenery and lovely little villages, the portraits themselves are excellent as well.
I mean one can stare at the scenery for quite some time ;) and never get bored with it.
You have the aboveground forests and waters, open and happy and the more darker and sinister woods out in the sides, you have darkened caves with the occasional ray of light and cellars and dungeons as well. Even the arenas have been given quite a lot of work :)
Spells are quite colourful as well without being directly gaudy.

If we go for the RPG aspects, Kings bounty shines as well, while not having any stat heavy system, it does have a lot of text, quests and choices, allowing for some nice roleplaying if that is what you want (i know i want it :D ) and overall a lot of effort has been put into it with item descriptions and plenty of possibilites of delving into background lore if that is what you wish.. the only thing i miss here would be descriptions for the units themselves, like in Heroes V just to use an example, where beyond just stats there would also be some background info on the units.
And the english is impeccable so no need to worry there.

Combat is nicely done as well with several clever ideas added into it, beyond just having chests there are other things that might appear to change the battlefield, different sorts of altars and statues that might aid you or your enemy with equal chance.
I also liked how horsemen were capable of charging themselves if they had the movement to do it..

and the skill trees were fun as well, i quite liked the fact that certain skills could greatly change some of the units under your command giving them new abilities, although as far as i could see those were a rarity. But i quite liked being able to give my bowmen fire arrows.

The only actual problem i encountered was a tiny music problem in the game where it once in awhile would stutter heavily for a few seconds, but then everything just returns to normal.

So to sum it up, plenty of fantastic stuff.. my only complaint is that there isn't more if it like descriptions for the units ;)

But definately a must have game if you ask me :grin:

Edit: But i must not forget to mention that exploration and having a good eye is rewarded as well, as if you look around you'll find plenty of eggs of different sorts and other goodies

Ryder 09-16-2008 11:07 AM

Great game, of that there is no doubt. Almost everything about it oozes class. My favorite quest was the one with the cursed ring. They way you have to make it uncursed, who would of thunk it? It's good because it's different. Dont have to praise it anymore, the previous posters have done that for me.

My only complaints are

1. The camera movement. Is it at all possible to have the camera in a fixed position behind the hero or something?

2. If I click somewhere on the map that is behind some trees for example, I want the hero to follow the path to get to that point, not run up to the trees and then stop.

Maybe I've been spoiled in H5 with that last point.

Counting down the days for the release. Gotta go and play another class.

markgil 09-16-2008 04:20 PM

sounds like this game is living up to expectations and then some!

how many expansions are planned for KB btw? i thought i read that there were going to be at least 2.


Imperial Dane 09-16-2008 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by markgil (Post 49617)
sounds like this game is living up to expectations and then some!

how many expansions are planned for KB btw? i thought i read that there were going to be at least 2.


Perhaps you should start up a new thread for expansion talk ? Would be better instead of cluttering this thread up.

KingImp 09-16-2008 07:05 PM

Okay, here is my quick review. Sorry boys and girls, but it's not going to be all positive.

Yes, the graphics are beautiful and this is one of, if not the best looking world I have seen in a long time. The small amount of spells are okay (yes, I know it's limited in the demo), but where it really gets cool is using the Spirits of Rage. That Swamp Monster (can't recall the name right now) with it's Shoal attack is awesome. You can wipe out whole armies using that thing.

I do have to say though that I'm not impressed with running around on the map. It's hard to see where you are going as it doesn't allow you to scroll ahead to see if the coast is clear and numerous times when being chased, I got caught because I kept running into things. That brings me to another point. The path detection in this game is awful. If I tell my hero to run to a certain post, I expect them to find the best route possible and run there. In this game I have numerous times seen them run straight into an object that they could have easily gone around and then they just stop.

Also have to say I am not impressed at the experience and leveling up. I can't count how many fights I had, yet I still just hit level 4. I'm getting like 10 exp. points per fight and it's taking forever. That and it hasn't once prompted me to level up my hero's special abilities. We have this big "tree system" for leveling up, yet it hasn't even offered me anything new. I'm hoping this is all because it's just a demo and it works properly in the full version.

Lastly, this is neither a good, nor bad thing. Just an observation and a question. I have all these quests, but I don't think it's possible to finish them all. Every time I try to go through a portal to where the quest tells me I have to go, it says "This area not available in the demo."
Is it actually possible to even finish all the quests here?

Overall, the game is very addicting, but I was kinda expecting a bit more. Hopefully it really shines in the final version because I'm not blown away here.

pkt-zer0 09-16-2008 07:50 PM

Based on the demo, the game seems to be excellent in every aspect except for the translation. Great overall presentation. The music, while good, seemed to get a bit repetitive after some time, though I'll chalk this up to being limited to a single area. (I'm guessing other areas have differing music tracks) The combat system strikes a nice balance between simplicity and depth - the core mechanics are pretty basic, but having lots of varied abilities allows for quite interesting scenarios. It's as complex as it needs to be, not any more complex. Outside of battles, the items laying all around the place make exploration worthwhile. Quests add some flavour to the basic "kill enemies, upgrade, repeat" gameplay, but a lot of the humour is unfortunately lost due to the translation. It's hard to get a good idea of long-term balance and gameplay from the demo, so can't comment on that. The Starforce copy protection is another negative for me.

Overall, the demo definitely sold me on the game, even though I never really liked any of the HoMM games. It's like Age of Wonders in that way for me: like HoMM, except good. I'll be sure to buy it after it's un-Starforced.

Imperial Dane 09-16-2008 09:02 PM

Well overall i don't recall having any problems with looking around to be honest as i keep a slanted top down view that allows me a good look at things.. and movement wise ? I don't click that far ahead, either in short bursts in the hopes of treasure, or i keep the mouse button down and just ride, in which case the camera tends to move behind the hero.. Just a comment on those things that keeps being repeated...

@Kingimp: That is because the skill system doesn't work like that ;)

Level up grants you stat bonuses in some way, skills are taken through runes, runes which are granted in several ways, either through levelling up, finding them somewhere, and probably rewards as well. Then you purchase the skills you want, takes a bit of getting used to, but overall no problem.
Regarding levelling overall, i do believe that is a matter of balancing to prevent the hero from getting too powerful right away, also you gain more experience if the army is stronger than you than if weaker.. get the scouting skill to keep track of that .

@pkt: Well according to Nike-it, there won't be starforce protection at all. And seeing as he is a 1C rep, i imagine he knows what he is talking about.

Also just a small addition to my impression of the demo:
I like how things change from game to game, bonuses, items, monsters, treasures, even the creatures offered in most of the places change from time to time which really makes a difference. I mean at one time i found an altar of experience laying on a small island where in previous games it hadn't.

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