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Bulau 03-19-2016 11:31 PM

Bug in Online - Carrier Wars Map?
Is there a known bug with the Carrier Wars map, where you can't start aircraft engines at some of the home bases?

I made a simple DF mission on that map. I put Spawn Areas at airfields Bomber 1 and Bomber 4. When I play the mission, and spawn at those airfields, the engine won't start, i.e. it won't crank...hitting the I key just shows "Engine Stopping". (I have CEM off in realism).

So I tried the mission that comes with the sim "Blue vs Red - Carrier" which has spawn areas at different bases, and some you can start engine some not.

So I made a mission with Spawn Areas at all eight airfields and checked them all. My result:
I can only start engine at airfields Bomber 3, Fighter 1, Fighter 2, and Fighter 3.
Cannot start engines at Bomber 1, Bomber 2, Bomber 4, and Fighter 4.

In addition, Fighter 4 has some nasty spawn points that put you rolling down a steep bank, but that's a separate issue.

Bulau 03-20-2016 11:19 PM

I was able to work around this bug by placing airdromes and custom spawn points, which of course, led me down that head-banging, hair-pulling exercise of tweaking the location of airdrome, spawn area, and spawn points until I stumbled on an arrangement that CloD liked.

I noticed also, at Bomber 4 airfield, there is a row of runway markers (the yellow boards), running off from the east end of the runway at some odd direction leading over the bank and down into the water.

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