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engadin 03-12-2019 08:29 PM

Bomb holes full of tenths of german WWII warplanes in its way to be recovered.
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From the Bf-109 projects & restoration group in fb:

"This image was given to me digitally to view, by the director of the Munich Military Air Museum, part of the team that is funding the excavation of 30+ Me-262, Fw-190, and Bf-109s that I mentioned in previous posts that got laughed at. His museum is currently working on other such sites like this, trying to legally acquire these planes as seen in the image below. This image is not available to the public, and part of a private collection, and this is the first time its being seen on the internet.

These pits were basically bomb craters dug out by bull dozers, and widened and aircraft as you see pushed into the pits and buried. Some of these pits were later dug up, and scrap metal businesses allowed access to the scrap after the war, but many were left untouched and its a crime to even touch parts of the planes if they are sticking our of the ground. You can go to jail for doing so now.

There are literally thousands of sites like this all over Germany that I was made aware of. 95% of these sites are illegal to touch or walk near. Thankfully the planes we are recovering are in a state that has less restrictions and is legally allowed to remove the planes."

Yet trying to close my astonished mouth and wet my drying wide open eyes.



engadin 03-18-2019 10:38 PM

Now there is a bunker filled with Me262, Me163 y Fw190:

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