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Megahurt 06-05-2014 01:49 PM

New Muli-mission platform
Megahurt's Live England

Players can enjoy a completely live England and activate German Bomber missions by flying German planes or spawning in areas within France. The mission holds seven scenery areas that load as the players fly through triggers on the map. Best played by one flight group to avoid multiple sceneries loading for maximum performance. Players can also fly alone on LAN and join ai flights or attack and patrol solo.

To spawn German AI bombing runs to join, escort or keep enemy fighters occupied spawn or fly to the areas below.

Calais - Fly without ai bomber attacks and attack on your own at will.

Colembert Stukas raid Dover Port facilities

London Sheerness Raid..Fly or spawn near St. Omer

South Hampton Shipyard Raid Fly or spawn near Boulongne.

Dover Fuel Refinery and large tank yard raid. Spawn or fly near Colembert.

Repell Allied Landing at Dieppe.

All areas are alive with trains, road and ship convoys. Enemy airfields spawn Aircraft in defense. See attached map for more info.

Players should fly in one flight group to avoid the creation of multiple scenery areas and reduce lag.

To enjoy single player action load in multiplayer and select Lan

For more info contact Megahurt on steam. steam name megahurt49

Download the mission here:

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