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BB Shockwave 09-28-2010 04:57 PM

Random, IMHO. On my walkthrough I found it on the small dwarven island (Tekron, maybe? Has been a while...) in the temple, after defeating the ghost hero there.

pavned 09-28-2010 06:16 PM

It's random, sometimes it just doesn't spawn, it appends to me in my Mage Impossible game.

onepiece 09-28-2010 07:18 PM

In my game there are like 7 Turn back scrolls. It's just luck (like the units and items you get and where)

Sir Whiskers 10-12-2010 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by john_crapper (Post 184461)
What is I dislike most is that these things prolong battles beyond an unreasonable time.

I agree. I've been kicking around the idea of modifying the medals.txt file. Any medal that gives a bonus for spells cast in the first 10 rounds would only give a bonus for spells cast in the first 5 rounds, but the number of castings needed would be half. It should take roughly the same number of battles to get each level of medal, but each battle won't need to last 10 rounds to get the full benefit.

jake21 10-13-2010 05:10 PM

Random; in my current mage impossible game it pop'ed in a dragon spawned treasure chest at 'round level 10. Learned a new nifty thing after I completed the quest using the time back scroll (though I didn't have to actually complete the scroll portion of the quest to learn the new nifty thing)..


Originally Posted by john_crapper (Post 185405)
Is the turn Time spell random spawned or you need to kill someone for it?

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