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alsevillajr 10-13-2011 09:16 PM

Ace Combat Ruined
I re-posted here on this forum...knowing this is a console platform forum

What a piece of crap...that's all I can say...The moment I laid eyes on the Box art, I already had feelings of dread.

I was on another forum and shared my disgust over the "changes" they made in the game.I'm pretty sure many of you on this forum, being die hard flight fans, share my sentiment.

A big issue discussed in that forum was the switch from strangereal. I really didn't mind that but that was not my main concern. I do however, would have liked it if they had kept it in fantasy world.

I just want to mention that I purchased the game on the launch date and returned it the same day...that's how disgusted and disappointed I was!!!

Having not played the demo...I did not know what to expect in game-play. I rushed home, excited to see what was to unfold. My initial impression was not good...not impressed with the opening menu...not too impressed with graphics either...something off with the colors...

I then initiated with my support for flight gut was already wrenched at this point. The game's default setting was on "optimum"...mind you, this is the term they use. Left it on this setting and started the game. Using the sixaxis, I was horrified to realize that the plane only banked left and right...this is "optimum" setting???? I paused and went back to settings and it had an option to switch to original setting.

I want to digress and point out that using the word "optimum", as a default setting, and the plane only banks left and right to me, was slap in the face. It was an indicator of more bad things to come.

Now on original it rolls...yeyyy(sarcastically). I then take the controls and throw the plane around a few times when I again am faced with another gut wrenching observation...a complete absence of flight I'm on panic mode...I thought that maybe it was speed related and try a few other maneuvers...then horror sets observations are confirmed.

To add insult to injury they came up with this gimmick DFM (Dog Fight Mode)...You speed up to get close enough behind your target hit a button and you're locked on to your this point you're not in control of the flight path...your objective at this point is to keep the target in the circle and hurl your rockets and or cannons at it...and in the process, if another enemy locks on to you, you have to disengage using triangle button ...having another option which is DFM...a defense maneuver that I won't even discuss at this point...also to find out in other posts that being in "optimum" setting would be a better mode of play using this maneuver...What a big frikken Joke huh!!!!!

I only played the first mission to play the next one when I decided I had enough...I know there was more to this game...but for now...I had decided to return the game...I would have to think about going back to this game after the price drop...or even boycott this game in protest.

I have befriended some of you Aces on this board, who are well regarded and with whom I have a lot of respect for. I would hope that some of you would would rise up make some noise. I have not had the privilege of jousting with you up there in the friendly skies, but maybe one day.

I don't know if AC would ever redeem themselves...I'm afraid that the new generation of gamers are happy with the gimmicks and might lead the developers to think that they are on the right track. On that note, perhaps Gaijin could pick up the slack and develop a Modern Jet flight sim for consoles that would be generally accepted to us "old school flight enthusiasts"

Rambo Rich 360 10-13-2011 09:34 PM

Had Ace Combat 6 and traded it in after a while. Didn't really dig it much. Tried the newer Ace Combat demo and played for about 5 minutes. Hated it really.

Too bad too. They could probably come out with a decent game if they wanted to, but they just want to cater to Arcade players only it seems.

WildBoar44 10-14-2011 12:35 AM

Yup Sirree !..... :(.... played the Demo for oooooh all of 5 mins... !

Bit like wrapping your face in a full set of Xmas tree lights and going Brrrrr !!

Tut Tut Tut........ Roll on April 2012....BoS...... jucy Fruits please !!

RuffMonk 10-14-2011 12:42 AM

What alsevillajr said!!! It's a shame really as the previous titles on PS2 and PS1 (except AC 3 from what I hear) were GREAT games! To any who have never played an Ace Combat title, this game is not indicative of the rest of the series! I think the developers were smart in saying Assault Horizon was NOT a true sequel! I myself, still hold a "little" faith in the series based solely on the other titles, but I can tell you that I won't be pre-ordering anymore AC titles, that's for sure, lol! It REALLY pains me to admit it, but Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is merely a shadow of its former glory!!! T.T

alsevillajr 10-14-2011 04:24 AM

Planes bouncing off the ground....would you frikkin believe that!!!!

FOZ_1983 10-14-2011 12:47 PM

Couldn't agree more. I was looking forward to this title, as were a few friends. We downloaded the demo and were disgusted with it. It felt like a step backwards, the graphics were shocking and grainy and it felt Far to repetetive, the game just requiring you to get on someone's 6 and lock on to go to that annoying chase cam thing.

As games go, it's shocking. Won't touch this at all, not even if it drops to £1. (a dollar). One of the worst flying games on the console. For jets I think I'll stick to over g.

alsevillajr 10-17-2011 06:52 AM


There is an ad sponsored by this site...Misquoting by omission a review by Gamespot...who gave this game 5/10 ...making it look like they are giving the game a good review...when in fact the reviewer lambasted them

They quoted this "Call of Duty in the air is underselling it"

They are running scared and someone should call them on this!!!!!!

What a cheap shot!!! You can quote me on that...Devs
Choose wisely, the easiest choice may not always be the right choice...

BONEYSLR1 10-17-2011 06:15 PM

Agreed that the Team Deathmatch is gone, big disappointment, no stick support even though some work, edge and the aviator. The DFM and ASM to me have ruined the game to were the skills added to some planes have ruined fair game play. If they had left the skills out and also DFM and ASM, and tweaked the ranges of missles more accurately it would of been a outstanding game, No landing or takeoff sucks and no reload either. We are playing it but I am not thrilled. Its important to get all those custom skills to be competative. I will play it till BOSteel comes out. and hope for an update. Not holding my breath though.

draux 10-17-2011 06:32 PM

AC has always been arcady as hell. Im surprised that so many are acting like all the other AC's were some sort of sim. Perhaps we've been spoiled by the dogfighting that BoP has delivered to consoles.

I feel the exact opposite as most of you do though. Maybe its because Ive been playing all the study sims lately (DCS:A-10c, BMS 4.3, and Cliffs of Dover) but Im enjoying the quick action. Got to differentiate between Sim and Arcade games here. I just see it as a completely different type of game than BoP. I expected arcade and am happy with the changes they've made.

If its any consolation, they made a big deal out of not calling it Ace Combat 7. Im presuming they did it so if this one flops, they can always go back and just refer to this one as a spin off.

BONEYSLR1 10-17-2011 09:25 PM

I see a ghost..Are you on PS3 or Xbox w/ this.

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