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DONZI 07-14-2010 03:06 PM

Multiplayer (Internet) option..

First I want to say hi and express my gratitude to the global/Russian game devs.

Having been playing computer games since before Apple existed, I have recently been getting turned off by the console centric games, many poorly ported to PC. I find 1C and other non USA offerings very refreshing and exciting.

I recently purchased the '1C Complete Pack' from steam. Very good deal and I am enjoying each and every game in that offering. Seems I will have to explore here and yuPlay more to fill in the gaps as time/money permits.

Anyhow, I have gone though the steps in the manual trying to get internet play working.

Streets of Moscos v1.3.1.0 (Steam)
yuPlay client v0.7.11 and active login/pw

I see a message "Connecting...(0%)" and eventually "Could not connect to server because of network error"

Basically wanted to see if I can get clarification on some points:

- 2007 isn't too old IMO, has this game's server been shelved? ..if not..
- Is the problem because 1C+Steam don't provide a 'key' which I could place with yuPlay? ..if so..
- Who should I ask for a 'key' to submit to yuPlay?
- Is there a server/client mode or stand-alone server application I can get if 1C or Gaijin/yuPlay multiplayer servers have been scrapped?

I wanted to race with someone long distance via the internet if possible.


Flying Pencil 08-01-2010 06:32 PM

Donzi, WTH you doing here?

Get back to the OTHER game! ;)

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