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korpah 02-26-2010 09:51 AM

help needed with star wolves 2
hello all,

i love starwolves and i played 1 alot,

now when 3 comes out i boughed it and got 1 and 2 for "free" on steam

both games works but i have alot of problems with star wolves 2,

for one it has an erupt end :s wich i still not get


i picked the pirate path, so after following the "path" you get a mission to bring the "device" you stole from the uss earlyer to BOA (or BAO) trading station

there the AI dude waits for you and somehow she takes the "(apperently a mega bomb) and destroyes humanity :s and the game ends.

i realy was like WTF cause it felt like i was half way through the game and i just had my squad complete, i tried to destroyed the ship first, wich i did but then when i flew there with my mother ship the same shit happened again :s

so i hope when picking another path will be way diverent ending and way more fun cause this was just crap realy :)

please help :)

Kzak 02-27-2010 05:18 PM

Yes, the ending you experienced is one of the bugged endings that never got fixed. I've gotten close to two endings so far, and none of them have worked. Discourages me from playing Star Wolves 2 again. Hoping that SW3 will be as good as SW1, though!

korpah 02-28-2010 12:35 AM

ah damm :( ye starwolves 1 was asome, though starwolves 2 has some features that are better then 1

but then again in 1 there was a bugged ending as well (endless beserker ships cause you need to die. i fought for hours and did not die but there was no ending until i died :(

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