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5./JG27.Farber 05-28-2012 06:45 PM

SoWC:BoB Multisquad Campaign Starting




Storm of War Campaigns:Battle of Britian (Historical Multiquadron Campaign)

8pm European time (To Be Confirmed)

17th June 2012

7 Missions - 1 per week. 1 life/aircraft per mission, no reflies 20 mins after battle start! Server will be up 15 mins beofre for connecting.


In the research we conducted trying to find red/blue attack/defend missions for our campaign we quickly realised that RAF Bomber Command played only a miniscule role in the whole battle. When RAF bomber Command did venture out it was often unescorted in daylight raids - which often proved deadly! So after much digging and deliberation we decided Blue would attack soley.

The missions selected are all based on historic actions in the Battle of Britain. To avoid people simply looking up the next mission and taking away the element of suprise, no dates will be used and they may or may not be in chronological order! So keep an open mind and your eyes peeled!

We are trying our best to create immersion and give the whole campaign a distinct BoB taste. For example we want to simulate the sense of urgency and desperation on the red side. We want the blue side to feel over streched and far from home - eyes on fuel guages!

Realism Settings:


AntropomorphicControl 0
ComplexEManagement 1
TorqueGyroEffects 1
EngineTemperatureEffects 1
FlutterEffects 1
WindTurbulence 1
StallSpins 1
Vulnerabilty 1
BlackoutsRedouts 1
Realisticgunnery 1
RealisticBombing 1
LimitedAmmo 1
LimitedFuel 1
CockpitAlwaysOn 1
NoOutsideViews 1
HeadShake 1
NoIcons 1
NoPadlock 1
Clouds 1
TakeoffLanding 1
RealisticLandings 1
NoMapIcons 1
NoMinimapPath 1
NoAutopilot 1
NoReplacementPlace 0
NoReplacement 0
NoSelect 0
NoReplacementArmy 0
NoSelectArmy 0
NoCreate 0

Player Limit 99:

First to sign up will fly first. So please get your squadron leader to sign up on the link below ASAP and have him make a post on the average number of pilots he expects to attend. 45 slots for Red. 45 Slots for Blue and 9 Blue bomber slots. If there is overwhelming interest we will run it again for those that missed out.

1 Life per Mission:

You may only have 1 life and 1 aircraft per sortie. So please practice your taxi-ing and take offs and be aware that sometimes your Squadron wont be the only Squadron on that airfield! Sometimes you will spawn in a hanger. If you have not taken off and do die respawn but please dont make a habbit of it.

Aircraft and Limits:

Only those aircraft below are limited, all other aircraft are unlimited. Sorry no Italian aircraft in our campaign. Numbers in brackets is the actual value of the percentile of 45 aircraft/players, for example 38% of 45 players is (17 ) as stated under Red, July, Spit Ia.


SpitfireI - Obsolete
SpitfireIa - 38% (17 ) (replaced by Spit IIa because of FM problems of Spit Ia)
SpitfireIIa - 0%
Hurricane DH20 - Obsolete
Hurricane Rotol - 62% (28 )

SpitfireI - Obsolete
SpitfireIa - 34% (15 ) (replaced by Spit IIa because of FM problems of Spit Ia)
SpitfireIIa - 0%
Hurricane DH20 - Obsolete
Hurricane - 66% (30 )

SpitfireI - Obsolete
SpitfireIa - 29% (13 ) (replaced by Spit IIa because of FM problems of Spit Ia)
SpitfireIIa - Unknown% - Proberbly 0%
Hurricane DH20 - Obsolete
Hurricane Rotol - 71% (32 )

Based on Servicable aircraft in 11 Group.


E1 - 44% (20 )
E3 - 30% (14 )
E4 - 20% (9 )

E1 - 40% (18 )
E3 - 8% (4 )
E4 - 52% (23 )

E1 - 38% (17 )
E3 - 1% (1 )
E4 - 61% (27 )

Based on Percentile losses of 109s by subtype.

Mission 1 - July
Missions 2-6 - August
Mission 7 - September

Limited aircraft will rotate or each squadron will be assigned so many of each fighter type depending on what each side agrees with its self. As a general rule therefore consider red mostly flying Hurricanes and blues flying E1's untill August/September where they will mostly be flying E4's.


Red teams sole aim is to stop the bombers and lose as few aircraft and pilots as possible!

Blue teams aim is to destroy RAF fighter Command and to lose as few Aircraft and pilots as possible!

The BoB campaign is planned to be run as follows:

Red side will organise themselves based on in game radar reports, under the direction of one of several Squadron leaders who will operate flights. Squadron leaders are planned to have access to Ground Control / Chain Home throught the mission (TAB, 4,) menu in game, which after a small delay will guide them to the nearest threats. Every Red Squadron Leader with the tail number 1 (A) will be able to access this menu. The nember of Squadron leaders will be dictated by the number of red Squadrons. There will be a time delay of 4 mins from request and a 5 min lockout. So Squadron leaders will only be able to request information every 5 mins. The response will be given in the chat window and will tell the squadron leader the estimated course from last contact not the actual position. The position will also be based on land marks. For example "25+ aircraft 40km North of Calais...". The radar stations and control centres will be broken into several sectors. For example Dover station will cover the sectors to the South and East of Dover upto a realistic range. We have aimed to get the most realism out of the radar system.

Blue side will have an organised brief and will generally be escorting bombers and conducting Frei-Jagd fighter sweeps to gain Air superiority.

It is upto Squadrons/Staffeln to coordinate between themselves and improve upon the effectiveness of their forces to gain victory through tactics and teamwork.

The campaign will have Statistics recorded. From these stats will be determined which side (if any) won the mission. Victory Conditions will loosely be decided by how many Bombers the reds managed to shoot down and how many fighters were lost trying to do this both in the air and on the ground.

Statistics and scoring:

A seperate database will be created for each mission so you can see the performance of yourself, your squadron and your team. It will look something like this:

More details and signup here:

bw_wolverine 05-28-2012 07:48 PM

Just a note in case it wasn't considered:

June 17th is Father's Day over here (not sure if it's the same in Europe). So that may provide some conflicts for a number of our older pilots.

But that note out of the way, hurrah! Very welcome news!

5./JG27.Farber 05-29-2012 04:30 PM

Forgot to mention there will be stats. Added at bottom of original post.

bw_wolverine 05-29-2012 07:01 PM

If you're going to allow allotments of 1 (one) aircraft, then I think there should be a couple IIas in August and September considering they were first delivered to a few squadrons in August.

Like, maybe 2 in Aug and 4 in Sept?

It's not even that I think they will be of any use to us in such small numbers. I just think they should have a representation of some small amount based on their historically being introduced in Aug.

Plus, it's better for the optics of the thing.

EDIT: After reading into this a bit more, the IIas of 611 were in Lincolnshire (not in 11 Group) and even P7350 wasn't moved to Hornchurch until October so not including IIa's seems more okay. I hadn't realized they never stationed them in the south until Oct.

So, no Spit IIas is fine by me after all. We're in for a bit of a beating, I'm afraid, but we'll do our best.

klem 05-29-2012 10:00 PM

Steam or Patch?

_79_dev 05-29-2012 11:02 PM


Server is running latest patch+hotFix and campaign will be running on it as well. Unless we will get something new...

5./JG27.Farber 05-30-2012 01:42 AM


Originally Posted by klem (Post 430096)
Steam or Patch?

Theres always something I leave out :) As Vogler said beta patch + hotfix. Unless something more stable and accurate comes out.

klem 05-30-2012 06:15 AM


Originally Posted by 5./JG27.Farber (Post 430142)
Theres always something I leave out :) As Vogler said beta patch + hotfix. Unless something more stable and accurate comes out.

Thanks guys, I've punted it to the Squad.

79_dev = Vogler? JG27?

Hi dev, are the 79 guys in on this?

_79_dev 05-30-2012 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by klem (Post 430181)

79_dev = Vogler? JG27?

Hi dev, are the 79 guys in on this?

Yes my good old friend...That is just my old nick. I don't belong to 79 anymore but I will ask theme.

macro 05-30-2012 11:31 AM

Im game for a laugh, think this will be massacre with no spit 2's. Can fly either red or blue not with a squad so can fill in to make numbers up

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