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He111 06-22-2012 02:07 PM

Post review of Realwarfare Northern Crusade
ok, I think we users should give our opinions on this game, considering it's well past it's prime.

Stability - ok, few problems

Likes - Game concept, RTS and RPG, although settings for Russian audience mostly.

Dislikes - TOO HARD! game needed rebalancing. Continually being destroyed by bandits. i didn't even see a siege battle!

Still playing - No, even though I like the game concept i found it too hard and frustrating

Future - Create another game scenario but target audience at Europe - Rome - Napoleon - or maybe Rich Chinese - "Ancient China" .. "Warring States". More game rebalancing

Hope this helps developers.


ulb 06-22-2012 05:42 PM

Well in my point of view :

Stability - Pretty bad, playable.

Likes - RTS + RPG, tactics concepts, unit stats, flank covering, wound system etc the game in his core.

Dislikes - AI is not that good --> the game is not all that hard overall but that could change depending on how mutch the gamer is experienced.

Future - there is obviously no future, 1c is not supporting this game and even if i would rather drop TW series for it i dont think this will never happen.

ChrisG 06-24-2012 11:50 AM

Stability-Playable,I was saving all the time because i feared it will crash and i lose all the progress.

Likes- Game concept, Teutons, battle gameplay

Dislikes- Unbalanced units and armies,don't upgrade your units and lose every single battle or upgrade them and win every single battle

clone units and poor performance, sieges were unplayable!!

Still playing- No

Feature- Whatever kind of game or concept,please support it!!


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