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CAN_Yeager 04-27-2015 12:04 AM

Game will not start steam version Windows 7
This Steam version of IL2 COD has never worked I get the gold emblem then a black screen followed by my desktop.

I have reloaded windows 7 (service pack 3) reloaded all the net and directx files within the game folder.

I have all the team fusion mods downloaded but there is no point in loading them if the core game won't load.

Help would be appreciated.

CAN_Yeager 05-09-2015 03:27 AM

I found the exe file for COD and clicked run as administrator I was able to see that d3dcompiler_43 was the source of the error. I replaced both the system 32 version and the system 64 version and it works fine now.

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