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Davy TASB 07-28-2011 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by PeterPanPan (Post 316208)
Yeah me too ... and Jim'll Fix It, but I think we're going OT!!


The OP never mentioned anything specific other than tomorrows Friday and that Fridays used to mean something.
Not off topic at all.:D

Ze-Jamz 07-28-2011 04:46 PM

skouras 07-28-2011 04:47 PM

nothing will happen tomorrow
everytime that give us a beta patch they told us 2-3 days earlier
so hopefully will get some update info at best


Kankkis 07-28-2011 04:49 PM

We maybe don't get beta's at all anymore.

skouras 07-28-2011 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by Kankkis (Post 316225)
We maybe don't get beta's at all anymore.

let's hope so

retrojet 07-28-2011 04:51 PM

Ah.... Maybe Luthier's last post was the heads up!

...I can dream, can't I! :-D

ElAurens 07-28-2011 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by JG52Uther (Post 316204)
If I wake up tomorrow I will be happy.Anything else is a bonus! ;)



raaaid 07-28-2011 04:56 PM

this is in my playlist :)

Das Attorney 07-28-2011 07:59 PM

Perry wakes up with no patch

Tree_UK 07-28-2011 09:01 PM

I know a guy who knows another guy who knows Luthier's postman, he met him on dating site, anyhow he says Luthier doesn't go to the office on Fridays because its his day to de-stress, he goes here;

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