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Marabekm 02-14-2020 09:51 PM

Need Internet Help
Good afternoon. I'm hoping someone with some deep technical knowledge of internet can help.

I'm having a strange issue. I can host cooperative missions just fine over hyperlobby. Almost everyone can join. But one player. He lives in Australia. But you see, there are other players from down under, and they can join. Its the same with him if he host a game. Everyone can join his game, but me.

So, there's a disconnect somewhere between me and him over the internet. I don't know how to find and fix it. Perhaps someone more tech savy can help?

I can tell you, I've tried Pinging his IP.
All I get is: Destination Unreachable

Oh Chute! 02-16-2020 02:30 AM

Win10( Network Discovery / Master Browser issue
I found this. Perhaps it will be of some use. IDK.

access the shares using \\COMPUTERNAME\SHARENAME or \\192.168.X.Y\SHARENAME ... So you can map your network shares. Map Network Drive in Windows 10 Windows 10 Network Sharing Tutorials

If you have a pre 1703 PC (xp,7,8,10-1607) on your network. Shut down ALL PCs, start the pre 1703 first, then start the other PCs. This should make the pre 1703 PC the Master Browser.

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