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AirBadger 11-21-2010 02:24 PM

Original Game Mission One Query
Hi All

I've recently discovered "Death to Spies Gold" which means that I'm lucky enough to be introduced to this game not only for a virtually give away price, but also with its add on pack bundled in. :grin:

I wonder if I can ask you a whet behind the ears question regarding mission one, to get me started in the right direction.

After an initial lapse of judgement saw me offing two soldiers sitting at the side of the road having a smoke, when I could easily have snuck past them, I'd like to pull as much of a Ghandi as I can for the rest of the mission and let the rest of the Germans go home to their wives at the end of their shifts.

Granted the uniform I stole has made it much easier for me to infiltrate the bunker to chloroform the driver and pinch his uniform... but ahhh I can't help but think of those two bodies hidden behind a bush back up the road and picturing little Hans saying to his mum "Mutter?... Why hasn't Vater come home from work yet? He said he's not miss my Geburtstag!..<sniff> "

So I am disguised as a driver and I'm making my way up the road away from the bunker, but in front of me is a four man patrol, including an officer who (perhaps a little unrealistically) will recognize me the moment I drive by.

I passed this lot on the way in, but because of my Stormtrooper uniform (I expect they'd have spotted me if I'd been dressed as a Wookie.) and some fancy footwork to avoid the officers gaze, I slipped past unnoticed.

Now I could just get out and shoot them all with my submachine gun of course! Well for that matter it would be even less effort to simply mow them all down in the truck! No witnesses to see me past then... especially not if I reverse back over them to make sure I get the job done!

But wait... what would Ghandi say eh? What would Ghandi say...

There has to be a better way? I found a walkthrough, but it didn't mention this patrol and I suspect the writer disposed of them in a less than diplomatic fashion.

Any ideas?


Liz Shaw 11-21-2010 10:04 PM

LOL, nice sense of humor!

Seriously, though, I managed to get to the driver and subdue him with chloroform without removing any of the patrols on my route. The only major obstacle for me after getting the driver's uniform and entering the truck was the patrol I bypassed earlier before entering the bunker's territory. The leader will recognize me if I get too close, so I kept my distance, but the trees on both sides of the road made it difficult. Eventually I got past them without any hassles, and there were no further obstacles en route to the base.

AirBadger 11-22-2010 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by Liz Shaw (Post 200003)
The leader will recognize me if I get too close, so I kept my distance, but the trees on both sides of the road made it difficult. Eventually I got past them without any hassles, and there were no further obstacles en route to the base.

Hi Liz

Ah yes, that sounds like the same patrol I'm asking about. But how Liz, how did you get a seven ton truck past the x-ray eyes of the officer? Sneaking past on foot yes I can see that, but how did you manage the truck?


Liz Shaw 11-23-2010 12:25 AM

Just keep your distance from him. The best time to go past him is when his back is turned from where the truck is. Just keep following the officer until he turns away, and you should be right.

AirBadger 11-23-2010 09:32 AM

:lol: ok I'll give it a go. Engage stealth mode! ;)


AirBadger 11-23-2010 01:08 PM

Ah Ha!

The solution, or I should say "one" solution as I'm sure there are others, for anyone caught in my same situation. Is to park the truck about half way up the patrol route of the guards and their pesky all seeing officer.

When you were at the wheel of the truck, the officer always smelled a Rat and the alert soon followed, after which you quickly find yourself dancing the chain gun cha cha. I can only imagine the officer becomes suspicious because you have a copy of "Top Spy Magazine" on your dashboard, instead of the more universally acceptable "German Truckers Monthly."

So get out of the truck instead and hide behind it, moving so as to stay out of sight as they pass. In the best tradition of Hollywood PoW films, the patrol will not wonder about the abandoned truck and nor will they question the suspicious boots with "Property of SMERSH" written on them, as they strategically move around the other side of the truck in an exceedingly un-goosesteppy way, keeping their wearer oddly out of sight.

As the patrol amble off into the distance you can laugh to yourself in Sean Connery style, knowing you have once again played your game and played it well, before hopping back into your truck and going on your way.

Now..... onto that base!


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