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4.13.1 Release
Dear IL-2 fans,

On behalf of 1C:Maddox Games and Daidalos Team, we are pleased to present you the patch 4.13.1.

INT: International version
RU: Russian version
DS: Dogfight Server

Mirror Download:
INT: International version
RU: Russian version
DS: Dogfight Server
Brand new campaigns and missions for B-24D, IL-4, SB-2, Pe-8 and more next ...
Thanks to Saldy.

Change log 4.13.1:


New flyable planes (include new added cockpits):

- R-5, 1931? (with 1934 model cockpit);
- P-5, 1931? (trainer based on R-5);
- S.S.S ("Three S"), 1936?;
- He-111H-11, 1942?;
- He-111H-16, 1943?;
- I-16 type 28, 1939?;
- I-16 type 29, 1940?;
- I-153 M63, 1940? (with M-63 engine);

Improved cockpits:

- I-15bis;
- I-16 type 24;
- I-16 type 24SPB;
- I-153 M62;
- I-153P;
- Pe-2 (added complete radio operator cockpit).
- He-111H-2, He-111H-6, He-111H-12 (cockpit interior update).
- He-111H-6 (added one more gunner post at ventral gondola).

New ground units:

- Total rework of all railway cars 3D-models.
- Armored train BP-42 (Germany).
- Armored train BP-44 (Germany).
- Armored train OB-3 (USSR).
- Armored train NKPS-42 (USSR).
- Tank T-26 model 1931?. (Twin turrets).
- Update camo for T-26(late) tank.
- Tank BT-5.
- Tank BT-5RT (BT-5 command tank with radio).
- Update tank BT-7 3D-model.
- Tank BT-7A (with short-barreled 76mm cannon).
- Tank BT-7RT (BT-7 command tank with radio).
- Rework tank KV-1 3D-model.
- Tank KV-1S.
- Tank KV-2.
- Tank Vickers Mk.? Mod.F (Finnish).
- Tank destroyer SU-152.
- Armored car BA-20.
- Update armored car BA-10 3D-model.
- Rework armored car BA-64 3D-model.
- Mortar BM-82, model 1937 (1942 production).
- Rework Sd.Kfz.184 "Ferdinand" 3D-model.
- Update camo for T-34 tank.

New ships:
- Torpedo boat D-3 (USSR).

New maps:
- Black Sea (combined map, includes Crimea and Kuban territory).

New features:
- Locomotives valve gear and other chassis animation.
- Turning on lights on locomotives at night.
- Updated Norden and Lotfe-7C bombsights, reduced TAS switching step.
- Added key for switching ballistic tables then using bombsights.
- New regiments and insignias (over 900).
- New soviet bombs AO-8M3, RRAB-520.
- Added "conf.ini" option Mouse6DOFMove=1 under [game]. This will enable automatic offset to sideboards then player looks back using mouse.
- Fighting ground vehicles and combat ships can use salvo firing with all available barrels.

Changes & Improvements:
- Fixed wheel brakes working, with keyboard operation - balance between left and right wheel brakes considered with rudder position.
- Fixed damage model and made some minor cockpit changes for SM.79.
- Fixed errors that displayed incorrect operation altitude for parachute armaments and SABs in Dedicated Server mod.
- Full rework of bomb loadout variants for R-5 (for historic ones only). Old missions may be incompatible with new loads.
- Increase of bomb loadout variants of He-111H-6 (for historic ones only). Old missions are still compatible.
- Sliding canopy of dorsal gunner in He-111H-2/He-111H-6 variants, thus increasing their firing angles.
- Fixed (blocked) opportunity to remove marker symbol in the "Misc.settings", under "Markers", which may cause the game to fail to run.
- New default camo for all LaGG-3 planes.
- New camo for P-39N-1 Pokryshkin plane.
- Fixed network bug, with incorrect turret position transmitted to other players.
- Fixed network (and NTRK) bug, with incorrect player position in cockpits (for co-pilots crew planes).
- Fixed error "ID_10" occurred sometimes while Dedicater Server mission was loading.
- Fixed error in output of drift angle, on the B5N bombsight.
- Updated 3D-model of AO-10 bomb.
- Added new loadouts for I-153 M-62 plane, includes BS machinegun (based on historical photos).
- Some fixes on Solomons map.
- All missing bridges added on Slovakia autumn map.
- Added new damage model for "Periscope" objects – now it is possible to hit submerged submarines along the full length of the hull.
- Some fixes for "DShK machinegun" objects.
- Fixed self-propelled heavy mortar "Karl". From now on it has really high-angle barrel elevation with correct firing distance and realistic shell types.
- Some fixes in COOP (but multicrew mod is still experimental and a little bit buggy).
- Fixed user console and server log spamming errors from parachute armaments and SABs.
- Fixed prop rotation direction of the N1K1J, N1K1Ja, N1K1Jb.
- Fixed prop rotation direction of the P-40E(M-105PF).
- Fixed cannons ATG38_45mm, ATG42_45mm, RG43_76mm.
- Fixed 3D-model of armored car FAI-M.
- Activated AAA position on the turret of battleship "Tirpitz".
- Activated AAA positions on the turrets of battleships "King George V" class.
- Activated inner turrets of battleship "Marat", and they can fire in both port and starboard directions.
- All appropriate ships can fire from torpedo-tubes on both sides (mostly for destroyers).
- Changed 3D-model and technical data for destroyer torpedoes from default noname to 533-mm model 53-38.
- Added correct sounds for armored rail-cruiser MBV ?002.
- Fixed (corrected) sounds of moving rolling stock.
- Stationary railway cars have winter PaintSchemes.
- Some trains have new antiaircraft platform position – it is transferred to the head or tail of a rolling stock.
- Added new locomotive steam effects: additional steam emissions in the beginning of movement and before the stop.
- Fixed number of single bomb releases for the Ju-88 to a total of 24. Also fixed some errors with bombsight automation (denial of bomb release for some loadout types).
- Fixed armament of the T-28 and T-35 tanks.
- Added/changed Customization.ini files for S.S.S., I-15bis, I-153, and new types I-16.
- Fixed default desert camo for B-24. Increased camo list.
- Corrected bombing equipment hard points on the P-40.
- Corrected shape of radio operator entrance hatch for the external 3D-model of Pe-2 ser.359.
- Changed cockpit lights inside the SB-2 M-100A and SB-2 M-103.
- Changed damage level for controls for all Il-2 planes.
- Added damage model for "American tractor" stationary object.
- Added stationary plane YaK-7B(M-105PF).
- Fixed speed indicator accuracy for P-38. Speed indicator output now shown in mph as indicated on cockpit gauge instead of KIAS (Knots-Indicated Air Speed).
- And some more minor fixes and corrections

stugumby 04-07-2016 05:16 PM

Thank you so much!!
Thanks TD for a great update, lots of new toys to play with indeed. Just tried the new pe2 rdio operator etc, cool and noticed the I-16 24 now has 4 mg only, sweeeet and historical..

P-38L 04-07-2016 05:27 PM

Thank you DT
Thank you very much for your effort with this great flight simulator.

shelby 04-07-2016 05:46 PM

thank you very much DT :)

Trooper117 04-07-2016 06:28 PM

Many thanks, as usual, good work!

Sita 04-07-2016 06:33 PM


Originally Posted by Marabekm (Post 712984)

He-111 bombsight doesn't like multi crew.

multicrew for coop missions you mean? it's a sad ... but whole feature "coop multicrew" is sooo raw ... need rework whole module from scratch .... it's a pity but in coop is so many issues ... but we don't have programmers for that((

Tolwyn 04-07-2016 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Marabekm (Post 712984)
The new squadrons work now!!!!

Uh Oh.....
He-111 bombsight doesn't like multi crew. IE if I am flying plane and shift to bombsight. All is well. But if my buddy Mr X is flying. And I come in as bombardier, the bombsight is all FUBAR. All He-111 versions affected!!!

We found the bug as well.
Please see:

Tolwyn 04-07-2016 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by Sita (Post 712988)
multicrew for coop missions you mean? it's a sad ... but whole feature "coop multicrew" is sooo raw ... need rework whole module from scratch .... it's a pity but in coop is so many issues ... but we don't have programmers for that((

But this issue is strictly for the HE111. All of them. Even the old ones. They worked fine in 4.13m RC4. But since the cockpit model has changed in the patch, no one looked at the bombsight. I'm guessing the changes to the cockpit models created an issue.

We are aware that multi-crew is a little twitchy, but this isn't related to that, is it? Not just for one plane?

Aardvark892 04-07-2016 09:11 PM

Once again I'm stunned at the quality and quantity of work TD does for this community. Thank you so much for all of this!


secretone 04-07-2016 09:19 PM

Thank you to my friends at TD!

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