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Mike21Daisu 07-30-2013 06:30 PM

Question About Copyrights

This question goes to the owners of the music that is used in the game:
I want to start making videos on YouTube and I want to have the music on.
Some games' soundtracks don't have copyright related issues on YouTube, I want to know if I get the copyright issues if I turn on the music of this game.
I can't just test it, if I get copyright adds or what ever they are I will get problems 'cause I'm currently an YouTube partner and if any of the soundtracks are copyrighted I will get the adds and it will put an end for the partnership.

If the soundtracks are copyright free I will gladly listen to the epic music while playing, but if not then can you please tell me what kind of credits should I give to the artists?

I also want to use some video parts from the game to create some kind of intro, like: at the start some games have those intros... you know, a short movie or something. I used that kind of intro for one game and it was okay, can I do the same for this game?

I'm asking this 'cause I'm using the content of other people/company and I want to know what you want me to write like in the description if it's needed to write anything and stuff like this to avoid copyright issues.

Thank you.

Edit: I talked with 1C and got the answer, so there's no need of this topic anymore. Thanks Silverman.

Silverman 08-02-2013 09:09 PM

I think you should directly contact either 1C Company-support or the devteam of Space Rangers HD. One of them should have a good answer for you. Maybe Sneaksie could give you one as well but no one else is able to help you here.

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