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SyDaemon 12-23-2009 01:32 AM

Military Pilot Points and Military Rank?
Hi guys and girls,

I'm several (real-time) days into my very first game of Space Rangers 2 and am puzzled by how the military pilot points and ranking system works.

After killing about 9 Dominators (mainly small ones, I haven't upgraded by hull yet), I'm still at the rookie rank. I've visited the military bases and they mentioned that I need 14 points to get to Cadet.

Can I tell how many points I've actually got at the moment? Do the small Dominators give no points whatsoever?

Also, the guy at the military base mentioned about a loss of points if I display cowardice or leave the battlefield. What constitutes such a case? I've had my fair share of retreats due to being out gunned, do they count?

Sorry for the question bombardment and thanks in advance for any help!:)

RasterOps 01-02-2010 01:34 PM

I know of no way to easily determine your current # of pilot points. However, when you mouse over your rank (ship screen), you can see the number of points required to achieve the next rank.

Candidate requirements on assignment of a rank

(HTML is off, can't do tables in BB, this is gonna suck)

Rank - Pilot Points
Green Rookie 0
Young Cadet +100
Experienced Pilot +250
Resourceful Captain +450
Skilled Exterminator +750
Combat Ace +1000
Distinguished Commodore +1500

Experience Type - Pilot Points
Shtip 3
Menok 6
Smersh 12
Urgant 24
Equentor 48
Pirate 10
Liberation of system 30
Construction of military station 100

Thanks to Maldarom, here is original topic link.

SyDaemon 01-03-2010 11:00 AM

Thank you! That information is useful!

RasterOps 01-06-2010 09:48 PM

Here's another piece of useful intel. Thanks to zerothehero.

The various titles are also defined thus:

Trade, Robbery, Fighting
0, 100, 0, Brigand
25, 75, 0, Burglar
50, 50, 0, Corsair
75, 25, 0, Dealer
100, 0, 0, Magnate
0, 75, 25, Gangster
25, 50, 25, Raider
50, 25, 25, Merchant
75, 0, 25, Merchant
0, 50, 50, Mercenary
20, 30, 50, Mercenary
50, 0, 50, Mercenary
0, 25, 75, Fighter
25, 0, 75, Fighter
0, 0, 100, Hero

SyDaemon 01-07-2010 12:42 AM

Very revealing post! Thank you! I have wondered what it took to shift my titles around. I always end up with Hero though, since I'm always fighting loads of Dominators towards late game.

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