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The Teutonic bastards ^^ 07-09-2013 06:41 AM

The Pursuit help plz
hi i bougth the game 3 days ago and i am now stuck in the pursuit.

the troops i take is the King fully upgraded 2 veteran Knigths 3 pikemen with full strength pike weapon and morale upgrades and a veteran sword.

i have also taken 4 pikemen as infantry but then when the sword infantry comes i know that it will put me in a severe disadvantage.

i know that first i should run forward to the bottleneck and then form a circle with the pikemen with hold ground mode now should i place the pikemen in aggressive mode once the Knights are halted.

i then hammer isolated cav units with my 3 cavalry although i kind of want them to be full strength so i can deal with the 7 units of crossbowmen later.

Basicly what units and upgrades and tactics do you use to decisively win that battle.

Will be intresting to see your answers! thx for your help

The Teutonic bastards ^^ 07-12-2013 09:43 AM

So noone has defeated that level?
Does any one have a suggestion at least look at the army.

First they come with hordes of cavalry then the pikes and then 6 more cav the swords and all the xbows.

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