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raknefne 05-07-2017 03:55 PM

The Bonfire Mod

Bonfire is sort of a random generator, or as close to as it can be. It uses the WoTn Ice'n Fire game structure, but with new maps. Futures:

- A Heroes 4 inspired mod, like a completely new KB game, a whole new experience awaits !!!!
- Challenging gameplay. Playing no-loss is not always possible! You will be challenged to think out of the box.
- Short games: Choose to play until level 10, 15, 20 or Endless (normally around level 22).
- 15 Heroes to choose between.
- 9 Companions/Pets: Choose a companion, a creature that fights with you on the battlefield as a 6th stack, but with only 1 in it. It grows in stats when the hero levels up.
- 8 completely new maps made in the KB editor along with the starting map which is the Tungsinn map re-done. All with a lot of randomness and new dungeons too!
- 45 new arenas. You will also find WoTn arenas, but 45 are completely new.
- Each time you play the order you take the maps are different - the enemy grows in strength when the hero level up.
- You only have a few skills in the skill tree from the start, when you level up you can choose between just 1 skill from each skill tree along with a random boost.
- Collect Woodpiles for building buildings in the countryside.
- Build your starting castles that also have room for buildings inside (a little like the Heroes of Might and Magic games).
- No WoTn quests. Few other quests.
- Upgrading and Surpressing items are much easier.
- new medals, items and spells (the last 2 mainly the same as in the Hylfire mod).
- and much more!!

You can read more about the mod in this 1C forum:

[B]Bonfire 2.8Gb download version 1.1 link (after skipping the add):
Fynnen bug not fixed yet: Don't sail to Fynnen Islands (a sea portal in Fefne Islands, the game will crash if you return to either fefne or fynnen later! sorry didn't have time to fix this in this version.)
Read the patch info txt file in the download, it tells about the changes. The download also include a word file with a guide to find set items. Also a txt file with a overview of the "trooptalk" possibilities.

OBS: Bonfire doesn't seem to work if you use WINDOWS 10, it did in the beginning, but after updates it doesnt anymore.

- find the original WoTn game at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common and rename the "Kings Bounty - Warriors...." to for instance "Kings Bounty - Warriors... ORIGINAL".
- unpack the packed download to same directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common, and start a new game by choosing "BONFIRE"
(if you want to play the original game again, then just rename the mod to for instance "Kings Bounty - Warriors... Bonfire" and rename "Kings Bounty - Warriors... ORIGINAL" back to original name).

Allan Hylbaek (Terroin): Main modder, quests and new ideas.
Uffe Bonde Eriksen (RakneFne): Mapmaker, quests. In the past, I made many maps for Heroes of Might of Magic 4 - like “The Hundred Years War” campaign.
We also made the Hylfire mod for Kings Bounty WoTn.

raknefne 05-07-2017 03:57 PM

If you find inbalances in the game (creatures, heroes, spells, items etc) or bugs, please let us know by making a post here in the forum, this way we can make a patch later.
Also if you have trouble, since it's a new game style, let us know.

-Which hero is best to start with the first time?
Some heroes have an easier start than others, for instance in the Yielder class, the Fire Monger is a good first timer hero. It is a mage with focus on fire spells, having Flaming Arrow from start plus you get a Flaming Arrow scroll after each fight. This is a great help early on but useless later (ofc you can trade the scrolls for a little gold). Choosing the Ice Mage can be more difficult early since it has more tactic spells which is useful later. All Rogue classes are fine, you can build on the Summoning Skill you have which works like an extra stack of creatures that automatically are summoned at the beginning of a fight.
And most important: Bonfire is harder than WoTn so choosing the Normal difficulty is... normal !

- What is the most important to start building/buying in town?
In most games it is building the castle for 3 Kill Proofs, you have 1 from the start so you need to kill 2 easy ones... When you build the castle you get a lot of experience, units of level 1-3 to hire, buying/selling scrolls and items and able to stock troops. Sometimes building a building or two in the landscape for 2 woodpiles each is doable to see which units you can hire, in case you want to have an alliance in the same race when you build the castle.
After castle building often building the inn up to max is a good choice, because you get 25 Leadership each time you do that, and you can buy troops/items/scrolls here. Dumlor is later a choice, or you could gamble, because each time you build you get free units and scrolls and a chance of free items. In some games if you have build the Arena by Arturok, buying a companion for 3 Kill proofs before building a castle is a choice, if you have a tough start.
After that the main focus is to collect 10.000 Gold to buy a map. BTW Dumlor has a good chance of giving a Teeth for free when building the level 4 building besides getting a level 5 (you can find Teeth at different locations in Dansken, not a guarantee to find all 5, but the chance is there).

- I need Woodpiles!!!
In some games Woodpiles are harder to find, that is random... a must is to build a Sawmill in the starting castle. You get 0-1 Woodpiles after each fight, but you have to return to castle to pick them up. You always get exactly 1 woodpile for fights in Bonbong Land, but only 0-1 on all other maps. So building a sawmill asap is rewarded. The building you build are made out of a random pool of around 30 different buildings, some with free units/items/scrolls, others with level 5 etc.

- I can't find Bandril the Mapmaker:
There is ALWAYS a mapmaker on each map, he is always on the surface, never in a dungeon. In the starting map he only appears after a quest in the dungeon "Mountain Realm" - a quest hut that looks like a mushroom.
Bandril will be at random locations each time you play. In the Bonbong Land for instance, he can be at 8 different random locations.

- Where is Randy the drunkard?
He is always on Bonbong Land, either in the starting town at different locations or at the island to the North West.

- I can't find a ship at Bonbong Land:
You can always talk to a guy at the docks and he will grant you a new ship.

- I can't get 10k Gold for the first map:
Sell Woodpiles to Martha and recipies, even sell an item! If you have the League of Assassin building you can sell Kill Proofs for Gold. Sell scrolls. Use cheap creatures from eggs etc. Forget about playing no-loss games, think out of the box! In some games surviving is more important... Another hint is choosing the Economist Skill (Middle Skill tree) if it shows, in the first level you can get 10k here and now for just 2 invested Spirit Runes along with 2% after battle (fully developed that skill gives 100k here and now total).

- Game is too hard on impossible:
Yes, sometimes because of randomness, but that is part of the fun. Impossible is more difficult than a normal WoTn so Easy-Normal-Hard are fine too! Often games will be easier from level 4 when you have the rage skill, Round Attack. After building a building you can also ask Broth the Builder next to Acrimaldo in the hero menu to craft an item for 1-2-3 Runes depending on the level og item and the number of buildings you have build. That can sometimes be a help, but it is a gambling.... and you use runes, still I often use his crafting skills, just can't help it... too curious to see what he offers.

- My rage skills doesn't develope.
You get Icewall as hero level 3, Round Attack at level 4, and at level 5 you will meet Christa where you can buy Christa's Gift. Remember to talk to her to make the rage skills start developing.

- Troops are getting stronger when I return later in game, why?
Since you can go anywhere in the Dansken World after the 1st map, we had to make the challenge according to hero level, else it would be a normal KB game where you did the maps in roughly the same order.
They grow around 100% faster on Impossible than on Easy Difficulty. They grow by adding X amount of troops when your hero level up, so higher level units are getting stronger compared to lower levels. In this way you are rewarded if you take difficult fights early instead of just taking level 1-2... But ofc you have to survive early...

- How does trooptalk work?
Now and then Acrimaldo offers a trooptalk to your level 1-3 units. Most of them can give a bonus like +2 Mana, +1 Attack once etc., it is all listed in the file Trooptalk.txt which you have in the downloaded zip file. Trooptalk also work on your Reserve (we have tried to make it work only for the fighting units, just don't know how yet). This mod hopefully makes lower units more interesting to use and trooptalk is one of the things that helps on that. Only the Undead LIzardmen and Ice Elves don't have trooptalk, but these races are so strong anyhow imo.

raknefne 05-09-2017 11:43 AM

I'm working on the items. Some of the items have info about what affects the Morality if they have Morality on them, but not all. Adding info for more items, same with info about what you will get when you upgrade an item.

Let me know if you have comments to items, I will make a small zip file you can download and unzip unto the mod with the changes when I'm finished.

IMO some of the low level items I made for the Hylfire mod, is not worth a lot, so I will add upgrade for some of them and make new sets.

Csimbi 05-09-2017 03:29 PM

Great news, thanks and congrats!

Just one question from the top of my head:
Where do you want the bug reports?

Meh, can't download; all those ad sites are blocked here.
Could someone post a mirror?

raknefne 05-09-2017 04:12 PM

Bugs report etc. here. All posts about Bonfire here.

Maybe turn off firewall in windows or something when downloading? Or lowering your Security in Windows.

raknefne 05-09-2017 06:50 PM

The Upgrading and Surpressing fights are the last and most un-tested in the mod, we have reduced the fights a lot, often gremlin towers have only 80-270 Health. In some cases I guess fights can be too easy compared to the reward, so let us know if you find any unbalances.

aristobal 05-10-2017 09:31 AM

I downloaded and try to start a new game after work.

raknefne 05-10-2017 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by aristobal (Post 716136)
I downloaded and try to start a new game after work.

Good idea, it is really worth playing final version instead of the test version: for instance the scouting bug is fixed (where you could click enemies and they increases in numbers) and the Skills you get from Acrimaldo after fight (now you get 1 of each skill tree always). Plus the easier surpressing/upgrade fights etc.

aristobal 05-10-2017 06:28 PM

Started a new game as Hunter with Black Hound companion and found 3 items in road-chests: Ghost Armor (+2 def), Sage Scull (+10 mana) and Iron Krakulum (+500 leadership!). I will try select neutrals as allies.

Erkilmarl 05-10-2017 07:19 PM

About upgrades: The first upgrade of Bronze Ring seems to be about right: impossible at level 5 but doable at level 7. The second upgrade could be somewhat tougher compered to the first, though. Snake Ring feels too easy considering it's price and level.

Is there still supposed to be free stuff there? Pirate Lair has no price on units and other stuff.

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