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shadowomega 08-24-2017 06:12 PM

Am I missing something?(Yes I did)
I don't know if I will get an answer but I have a problem with KB the legend.

I am a huge fan of the HOMM series and I know KB inspires Homm but I am not having fun in KB. The combat system is the same and that all the common point.

It's my first playthrough and I try impossible mode with a mage. I am only on the western Islands but all the fight are quite the same: spamming the fireball. And even with that I don't feel like I am powerful.

My problem is that it's too repetitive for me. All the fights are the same and this is the only thing to do so:

Should I try the other games in the series and if I play on easy will the pace of the game be faster?

Or am I missing something fundamental about this game?

I usually don't give up games so I try to go further and the game is quite fun. The mage is really OP since the end of the treaty with the dwarves quest. I was wrong about some point so it's a good game. I just think I won't replay it before a very long time.

I must finally recognize that the gremlin castle is almost a tip to know. I used it to get black dragon and with them I was able to do castle bogacho.(the dragon wera my last unit but there was no range fighter so it takes a lot of turn but this reminded me some heroic fight in HOMM so it was really cool). Did other people use such strategy with a mage on impossible?

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