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Celeste 11-30-2010 08:28 PM

Need some help - Stuck on K'Tahu
Evening all, I was hoping to find some help here since I'm terribly stuck in my game at the moment :( I'm a level 52 mage completed most of the game but at the moment I can't seem to beat the boss K'Tahu.

It's the first time I'm playing Armored Princess, did the Legend on easy mode and wanted some more of a challenge this time around.

I play the game on normal mode. My party currently consists of druids, archmages, inquisitors, knights and paladins. I've read through the forum and found a person using a party of only tincans, tried that, but didn't work out for me either. Did the stoneskin on both knights and paladins. My problem is that when I engage him he gets the first move and does an AOE thing that limits the moving range of my mellee to 1 spot so I can't reach the arm. In the next turn he summons a bunch of dinosaurs that I simply can't nuke down. Then the next turn he does the AOE again and it's basically over for me, my groups have been downsized so much that I can't do any damage.

My stats: I am level 52, 22.725 leadership, 19 attack 23 defense 30 intellect 59 rage and 118 mana.

I am definately not as pro as most of you browsing these forums so I might be making loads of silly mistakes but I think I got the basics right. After fighting him first (on level 50) I started scouting through the world map looking for mobs I didn't kill. I finished all the quests I have found and killed almost all the mobs, so I don't see a possbility to level higher than the level 52 I am now. I tried to look for shiny items that can help me, I bought a thing with +15% fire power, I have equiped the special weapon with extra damage to K'Tahu. Still, my armor seems kind of crappy, but so far I haven't found anything better. I have read about Moro, I have found him ingame but my problem is that I hardly have any trashmobs left to fight so I don't think I can get that item from him.

My alternative is to go for the creepy elf guy in the mirror tower, but I tried him and he kicks my ass as well.

I hope there is someone out there that can help me on this one, I'd hate to leave this game unfinished (I want to see Bill again!! :grin:). But at the moment I really see no possibilities to improve unless I start a new game (and probably find myself in exactly the same spot in a few weeks). Thanks for reading.


homm3megejas 12-01-2010 07:53 AM

Druids are quite frail, and dies quickly, by boss attacks. Just mass haste, and in second turn you reach him easily. For surviving, just arrange your troops and spam phantom paladin prayer ;). Magic spring helps to preserve mana.
Physical res. is very useful, so equip artifacts, who boost it. Also you can use a few wanderer's scroll, especially flaming eyes, to boost your stats and leadership.
Gremlion is even easier, get troops with non-magic dam., stock up magic res., from items and have transmute skill. Kill all evil towers fast, but leave 1 friendly, when zilgadis is down, just keep killing summons, and recover loses. Simple no-loss :).

MaroonMaurader 12-01-2010 10:25 AM

There are tons of threads in this forum already about fighting K'Tahu, Gremlion ("creepy elf guy"), and the final boss.

Basically, for KTahu you want all the physical resistance you can want, you want Distortion level 3 (I really hope you have that already) for mass-haste and high-level stoneskin, and tactics level 2 doesn't hurt if you've got it. Units who start with some physical resistance are great here. You'll probably want 2 units to be focusing on K'Tahu just about all the time, with your other 3 helping mop up units he summons when necessary. Above all, be sure to kill Gorguanas right away.

For Gremlion, you want magic resistance. The general approach is either (if you can get 90-95% magic resistance for all your units) a ranged strategy, where you never actually close to melee range, so his only choices are place a tower or use mass-magic. If he does the former, you just kill it; if he does the latter, it won't hurt too badly because of your magic resistance. If you can't get your magic resistance that high, two high physical-resist units (e.g., knights and paladins) on each side of him to "persuade" him to do melee attacks, and three units for ranged attacks and killing towers is a better mix.

Glance around the forum; maybe do a search. I guarantee you that you'll find plenty of advice.

Elwin 12-01-2010 02:48 PM

you do not need item from moro, it can boost black knights but its not requirred.
Black knights are fine by themsleves. Definetly use wanderer scrolls flaming eyes etc .. IF u cant reach ktahu, haste or teleport are your friends.

Celeste 12-02-2010 10:16 AM

Thanks a lot for the help, tried it out yesterday and finished the game :grin:
Cheers guys!

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