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gnomechompsky 11-06-2016 11:46 PM

Please tell me why I cannot take off
After trying about 20 times I still cannot take off in a Spitfire on a grassy runway (playing a mission in the Team Fusion campaign). The plane never seems to get up enough speed despite throttle being maxed. I am able to keep the plane roughly in a straight line using the rudder but as I lift off the front wheels it always barrel rolls left and the wing digs into the ground.

I am able to take off with other planes on a flattened runway so what am I doing wrong?

SadoMarxist 11-12-2016 07:15 PM

Two things spring to mind: a strong crosswind and prop pitch not being set to full fine. You need to set the prop pitch to full fine, which translates to highest engine RPM, in order to give You enough power to take off. With strong crosswinds, it's best to keep the manifold pressure at about 4 lbs until the plane has accelerated to about 60 mph because it's easier to keep the plane lined up on the runway. Once this speed has been reached, push the stick slightly forward to get the tail wheel of the ground and then throttle up to full throttle and pull back on the stick as the speed of 100mph is reached. Good luck :).

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