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Golden_Eagle_FM 11-21-2007 04:51 PM

IL2 and Sound Modding
There is a debate ongoing on various forum about the sound modding that can be downloaded.

Sure we can question the legality of the issue. Does it modify the source code? Is it some form of hacking? What about copyrights? etc. etc.

But let's face it. This improvement has been requested since ages and has been one of the weak points repeated over and over. For a flight simulation program, the engine, and other aircraft systems as well as the guns sound are a critical immersion factor.

I do not understand why Oleg has not done it. It was inevitable that over time it would have been done, even more when SOW takes so much time to come out. History shows that no software can be undefinitively protected against any form of cracking/hacking/modding call it whatever you want.

The only way to avoid it is to act before it happens. I am even sure that if this improvement with some others like maps and additional objects would have been sold as an add-on package it would have sold well. I speak for myself but after five years of having bought all the IL2 products I would have not hesitated to pay for such an "Immersion improvement package".

From my point of view Oleg missed the timing. When the team was still available to work on the various improvement like 1946 or even the previous patches this effort would have been doable. Now that all the team is full steam on SOW it is clearly too late.

The work that has been done by as I understand a team of modders, in any case does not spoil the game but gives it some fresh air and longer lifetime. If Oleg has not enough resources available why not team with them, help them to make it perfect along the Oleg Maddox top quality criteria.

For sure that SOW-BOB will have these improvements but SOW will first concentrate on the BOB. This means that for those who fight on the Pacific they will still have IL2 as the only possible choice for some time to come until a new version of it is delivered. The sound improvements are then welcomed until the full range of possibilities that today exist in IL2 are provided and even supassed by SOW.

So by any means SOW-BOB will not kill IL2. Both games will continue and as such IL2 should still be supported from some time to come.


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123-Wulf-123 11-21-2007 05:32 PM

So it was all Olegs fault that illegal HACKERS hacked HIS code, broke the EULA and then obviously forced people to download this illegal HACK and ILLEGALY install it on their systems :roll: ......that explains everything :roll: :evil:

IBTL :roll:

Golden_Eagle_FM 11-21-2007 05:54 PM

It seems to me your conclusion is a little short. You miss the point.

csThor 11-21-2007 06:10 PM

What you obviously are unable to understand that Il-2 and SoW:BoB are not mere pasttimes the guys at Maddox Games do in their freetime because they don't have anything better to do. These are commercial products which are by default a collection of trade-offs between commercially viable, financially acceptable and eligible from a gamer's POV. They have to earn money - they have a contract with Ubisoft and 1C to produce entertainment software which can be sold at a profit and so these two entities are calling the shots. And obviously the sounds fell through the priority grid for reasons none of us know.

Blaming the existance of the hack on Oleg is IMO simply a lame and transparent attempt at justifying the actions its makers. You don't like Maddox Games's development priorities? Tough, deal with it. All you can do is voting with your wallet but stop trying top justify some goon who needed the five minutes of internet glory by cracking files he shouldn't have poked his nose into. Nuff said .. :roll:

PS: And to suggest Maddox Games should support the hackers. Ridiculous, ludicrous and completely out of touch with reality. If I were a doc I'd prescribe a dose of reality. :roll:[face_doh].gif

Chivas 11-21-2007 06:20 PM

Its seems you missed the point Gold. Its not about the sound. Its about hacking the code that can also modify the FM. The sound mod may give a few people great enjoyment, but can effectively kill most of the On-line componant.

I'm not even sure the sound mod is any good. Some people say its great others not so great. I know sounds in other sims get the thumbs up but alot of these sounds are unrealistic, some even laughable.

Chivas 11-21-2007 06:25 PM

Also the IC company may have lost considerable revenue do to this hack. They may be unable to sell the rights to third parties to provide add-ons which may have included new sounds.

Golden_Eagle_FM 11-21-2007 07:45 PM

Chivas, I must admit I have no idea about the online issues. The fact is that I never played online. I am more interested in building and flying scenarios I create from WWII events.

csThor, By the way I already voted with my wallet. I paid and have all original the original disks. Some were bought in multiple copies of the software that I gave to friends as gifts or kept as backup in case. So I did my very fair part of supporting Oleg excellent product and since the many years on other forums had the occasion to praise him and his work. It does not mean that all is perfect though like the sound issue.

csThor you insists I should have a dose of reality.
Ok. Here is the reality: It is unevitable that the soft would be one day hacked. It is a very successfull product and has been around for years with unabated success. It was a target. I am very realistic saying that it is only a matter of time. One way to fight this is to be ahead of the hackers. I understand it is a costly issue and time consuming and difficult to do in a competitive world, but it is so.

The solution that is to make the software extremely well protected has also often backfired and generally put the paying customer in a difficult position. It happened to me with the PE-2 online acquisition I made with the starforce protection system. PE-2 worked fine only once I bought 1946 and did a full reinstall from scratch and on a new rig.

Banks very often hire the hackers to make better software and more robust software. You know what they say: "if you can't beat them join them".

So my proposal was that if there are talented guys out there then why not use them. I know it seems naive, but only up to a point.


SG1_Gunkan 11-21-2007 07:50 PM

Hacking IL2 is a reality, but sorry, we don't buy it. Perhaps without Oleg alive and here. But he is with the community and we are with him. Hackers go home!

Beowulf 11-21-2007 08:13 PM

Here's the problem,

They are Hackers not MODDERS plain and simple I do not care what the perceived intent was. That have destroyed the game. The 6DOF is total rank amateur BS, Making things flyable is messing with FM's.

Now since they could not make the Avenger flyable they are going to try to crack the FM for it and change it's center of balance. So there you have it. It will not be long before the babies and teenie bobbers or the adults who have no skills and can only win by cheating will come up with God weapons that blow you away in one shot. Aim bots. Speed Hacks(which =FB= has been using for ages.)

It's a sad, sad day. I do not care that you fly off line or on. the offline tools are being used in online servers and as such, thats the crime.Heck the EULA abusers are all in AAA server on hyperlobby. Track down the IP's and start the legal process. Shut the AAA site down and ban them all.

Locks only keep honest people honest, scum like these hackers will always find a way to ruin every honest simmers fun just to prove that we should fly it their way.

losers and all who support them should be locked away in the Gulag!!!


SlipBall 11-21-2007 10:25 PM

The way I see it, they had no right to hack the code, and most of the hack mods are very low grade, that is, if you read the posts at their hang out.....I think that they did alot of damage, and most likely delayed the release of bob. I think the sound mod might have been adopted by Oleg, if they would have approched him with it, possibly.....they ( the hacks) have ruined on-line play, or at the very least, have made people uncomfortable, or un-easy with on-line play

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