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Nike-it 12-18-2009 06:08 AM

Majesty2 map editor and patch announced!
1C Company and Paradox Interactive has announced new content for the heralded fantasy strategy title, Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. Subjects of the royal lands of Ardania can look forward to an expanded adventure with an upcoming patch, and for the first time, a free map editor that enables the loyal subjects of the Majesty 2 community to create their own missions and battles for themselves.

Upcoming Patch

A third patch is in the works which will include fixes and updates, as well as a much requested randomization feature. With the patch, it will be possible to assign randomization to the original campaign maps. Randomization will be added to items in treasure chests, non-quest monster dens, the special zones for trading posts and temples.

Brand New Map Editor

As a reward to those looking to further control the magic with their own hands, Paradox and 1C: Ino-Co plan to open up the game and provide endless replayability with the release of an official Majesty 2 map editor. This mission creator toolset will enable savvy players to take full advantage of the soon-to-be incorporated additions and create their own custom adventures to truly shape their own destinies.

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