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BawoBagong2 01-06-2015 03:48 PM

Questions on Mission Script

I recently dabble with scripting in the mission builder for TOW 3 Korea. However, some commands don't seem to be explained in the readme and I was wondering if one of you TOW scripting gurus could tell me something about them.

The commands or functions in question are "GetUnitID", "GetForce". These were included in missions set up using simple mission editor in triggers such as "Capture_Activate". I'd also like to know if the script system supports decimal fractions ( values like 0.5 and so on ). I've got some ideas involving random chance ;)

By the way I could write scrolls of panegyrics for this game. I'm a fan of close combat strategy series and, although not flawless, TOW is its only worthy successor floating around in the market today.



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