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Oberon_D 12-31-2016 10:08 AM

Latest update: Unable to launch IL2 BOS
Hi Guys,

I'm facing a major issue. Since the last update end of december of BOS, I am unable to launch and I get the following error message:

Title = D3D_ERROR
Message = Can not create Direct3D device: DGXI_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED

I am using Windows 10 64 bits with a NVIDIA Geforce 260

Before the update, the game was working properly. I do not know how to solve the issue.

Thanks for your help


KG26_Alpha 12-31-2016 10:51 PM

Its a common problem to do with a missing update with KB2670838 , the problem is if you apply the update then CLOD wont run.

If you don't fly CLOD then no problem.

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