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PH-MAC 09-06-2017 08:54 PM

Error: "Can't find sound group bob/engines/gipsy or invalid setup"
Does anyone have a solution for this error message?
I just installed IL-2 Cliffs of Dover through Steam with the Team Fusion update V 4.312 and I get this error message every time I try to start a mission, any mission type.
It seems like the game is missing soundfiles for all aircraft types.

I have googled the issue and didn't find any real solution. I have tried some suggestions I have come across:
- Re-install without TF update (game doesn't even launch)
- Re-install with TF update (game launches fine with mod-logo and I can browse menu's)
- Restart pc,
- Disconnect all peripherals,
- Check soundcard,
- Run IL-2 as administrator,
- Check/uncheck Steam cloud-updates,
- Lower graphics settings
- Check compatibility mode
Unfortunately nothing solves the issue.

System specs:
- Windows 10
- I7 7700K
- Nvidia GTX1070
- Soundblaster Audigy
- Intel MSI Z270 Mobo

I really hope someone can help me out.


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