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CrazyMadFox 03-02-2018 09:21 PM

Suggestion for SR HD
Hi guys, I love the SR series a lot, practicaly love it. Have thousands of hours spend it just with SR. But after those hours I've missing something and I believe I've figured it out what is it. You can do a lot in SR but there's one thing you can't do. You can't have our own system. Like the whole races in SR. You can't capture your own system, with star and some planets, build there in the glory of your race, the new civilization, new cities a countries, build your own military ships and command them, defend your system against enemies, like Dominators or Klissans for example. I've think about it over and over again and I hope that's the part which is SR missing.

Just imagine it. There will be map like always were, but with some uncaptured system, unexplored planets, other races will race against each other which one will get more systems and with a more power. There will be always cooperation with other races but dominating race can sometimes rule about prices on the market, for 3 months f.e., It means something like Maloqs don't like luxury, so trading with it will be banned in the nearest systems.

Capturing your own planet? I have an idea. It could be like planetary battles, when you land on some area, build your base and start build some defense platforms and resource buildings, make an area where the terraforming robots will start the proces and then just place important buildings, like Trade center, Goverment, Hangar, Shipyard. But not like in crappy tycoons, just place them and the robots and your civilians will do the rest and that will be a start of your own planet. Of course in the start you will take care about your system, so bring there food and medicals or Machinery stuff and give it to your civilians until they will have the ability to take care of yourself and product their own food and medicals, so you can sell it back in other systems.

What do you think about that? :-)

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